Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Order

 I photographed this hotdog wagon during a trip to Del Mar California.

Please click to enlarge the photo for better viewing of the signs on the eraser-boards. 

 A sign above the window said that if you could answered the question correctly you would get your order for free. Would you have had to pay for your Hot Dog?

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  1. No but I'm from Australia. ;) Interesting to see this Hot Dog vendor. We have Meat Pies sold from these sorts of stands in Sydney. :)

  2. I am not sure...I have a feeling this is a trick question! I am going to have to Google it and find out!

  3. Yay I do not have any idea. But yes I google it and find it this is very cool hot dog stand you just make your belly full but you also learn something. Great one!


  4. I'm guessing you got YOURS free - - - being a science buff instead of history, I'd have had to pay.

  5. I was too curious, so I googled. I KNEW the first several WEREN'T born here but had no clue who was the FIRST to be so born.

    Lots of interesting stuff about old PMVB including the fact that English was not his first language!

  6. Oh so glad to see you here. (I'm always a day late and a dollar short, so forgive me for taking a while to realize you were back here too!) We used to go to an espresso stand (in Oregon) that posted a quiz daily for a free cup of jOe (Not quite as generous). Thanks to Keetha (I guess those initials are for Martin van Buren). I mean I knew it wasn't any of the first 5, but after that I wasn't sure.

  7. We have a coffee place with a daily quiz and I have won a few coffees.
    Afraid I would not have won a hot dog.


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