Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How did you spend your winter?

If you spend anytime poking around my blog you'll soon learn I spent last winter housebound due to a compromised immune system.   I was forced to give up blogging during this time because I just could not put together an interesting post to save my soul.  Reading was also out of the question.  I would reread the same page a dozen times and still not get it.  And, how much television can one person watch?

So what does a person that is too sick to clean closets and mop floors, but, not sick enough to sleep the hours away do to avoid boredom?  Well, this person resorted to digging out the glue gun and a lifetime of collected seashells and creating wreaths.  

I have always wanted a large seashell wreath to hang in my bathroom.  So, I got started and the above wreath was the end result.  It is a fifteen inch circle with five inch sides.   

But, I still had lots of leftover shells in my box so this smaller wreath came into being.  It is a twelve inch circle with three inch sides.  When a friend saw it, she asked if I could make her one.  So I gave her this one.  Heck, I still had some shells left, so I ended up making six more the same size that I gave to family and friends.  

As I worked, I put the white shells aside because I liked the look of the natural colors in the wreath.  When I ran out of colored shells I decided why not make a solid white one.  That idea turned into two before I ran out of shells.   I had no problem finding homes for these.  They were perfect for walls with the darker paint colors so popular today.

Just as I was ready to pack away the glue gun, I got a phone call from a lady who had seen one of my wreaths.  She asked if I could make her two to give as presents.  What was I to say.  I had run out of shells, after all.  Why, I said yes of course , and promptly sent the Old Salt to Hobby Lobby to buy more shells.

So, I spent my winter making twelve seashell wreaths.  How did you spend your winter?

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  1. What beautiful wreaths! I would say you did a wonderful job making use of your time - takes a lot of patience to glue those shells on! I made a wreath out of wine corks and decided that was enough! I hung it in the guest bedroom and it is rarely seen, so there is no danger of anyone asking me to make one! Glad you are feeling better now!

  2. Rita! I canNOT believe that you could do this beautiful work while you were definitely not at your best...oh my gosh you are so talented. These wreaths are just lovely -- wonderful work. I wish I had a tenth of your patience and talent. I'm so glad you're better now.

  3. These are so beautiful! I'm glad you had this project to fill your time!


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