Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Corn, Cantaloupes and Camaraderie

ABC Wednesday is featuring the letter "C" this week.  What lucky timing it turned out to be.  I had no idea when I left home on Saturday morning that my errand would be Chuck full of things begining with the letter "C."  Or that I would so quickly be needing all those "C" Words.   I had an appointment to meet a Cute lady at the farmer's market to pick up a Custom Crafted item I ordered several weeks ago. 

Chap with the Cold water Cooler and Cups

Our farmer's market is located under a large Canopy Cater-Cornered from the Catholic Church.  I Came before the market opened and the first thing I saw was the street littered with paper Cups.  Before I Could park my Car and Cross the street the young man in Charge of the water station, that was the final leg of a Charity run being held that morning, began Collecting them up.  I yelled: "wait, hold on-- I want to get a photo of those Cups."  The Chap was Cheerful about it and even offered to re-scatter the ones he had picked up before returning
to his Cooler of Cold water.

Canned foods, Craft items, Clutch purses -- Custom orders welcome.
I went in search of the lady (top left in photo) with my Custom sign order.  After paying her in Cash I took my Camera and photographed the shots in these Collages.   

Please Click to enlarge for better viewing.

Wood Carvings, Laser Cut items, Crosses, Critters 
The farmer's market is open twice a week on Saturday morning and Wednesday evening.  Local farmers, Crafters and other vendors set up booths each week offering every kind of plant, food product and hand made item Conceivable.   

Spoon flowers, jewelry with Chains or Clasps,
hair ornaments and wreaths in every possible Color

 Hand made items included everything from Clothing and Cutting boards  to Wood Carvings.  

Cutting boards, Cupcakes, knitted Caps, Cantaloupes 
Food products Covered everything from home baked goods to Canned items.  There were jams. jellies, pickles, sauerkraut, salsa, relishes, yeast breads, quick breads and Cakes to Catalog a few. Some of the food vendors even offered Catering. 

I don't believe there was a single produce item missing from the selection at this week's farmer's market.  I purchased some fantastic tomatoes, Corn on the Cob, Cucumbers and even some Cilantro.  I saw Containers full of every possible vegetable, a variety of gourds and and several kinds of fruits including Peaches, grapes and berries. Melons included Casaba, Cantiloupes,  Honeydew, Watermelon and even some I Couldn't name.  

There were bedding plants, trees, herbs, spices, Cut flowers, homemade dog Cookies and Cat treats. I saw some hand made Lawn Chairs and purchased a bouquet of brightly Colored Zinnias in the photo below.  

By the time I was ready to leave, the farmers market was getting Crowded. There were people of all ages, Couples, families with Curious Children, even a group of Catholic Nuns. Old folks were sitting in Compatible silence watching all the Commotion from Comfortable benches. Friends and neighbors were Catching up after a Chaotic week.  As much as I liked the Camaraderie and excitement around me I had other Commitments needing my attention. But not before visiting what has to be the Cleanest pubic restrooms in town.  

How many "C" words were in your Weekend?

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  1. Holy Cow! I think you have Cornered the market on "C" words! What a fun post this Calm evening!

  2. that cooler is cool too!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. OK, you win the prize for the most C's...and very interesting C read too. Love all the pictures, and farmers markets.

  4. This is a great farmer's market because they offer so much variety in terms of products besides the usual produce and fruits. This seems like a well-supported farmer's market.

    By the way, I posted something in this regard recently:


  5. wow. your locality has certainly cornered the market!

  6. You certainly can come up with up a crippling amount of C words;)
    I <3 the farmer's market...last week I bought peach salsa and a gluten free oatmeal cookie....both were delicious!

  7. What a beautiful event. Catching up with ABC.

    C is for...
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

    PS.. COMMENTS makes me happy!

  8. What a fantastic farmer's market!

  9. your farmer's market has quite a variety. (are you going to share your custom made sign later?)

    1. Yes, Lesley I do have plans along those lines.

  10. That one shot of the canned goods, looks a bit like the corn relish my mom used to make... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #42!


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