Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cool Down Medicine

This showed up in my e-mail and I couldn't help sharing.  I know we will be facing all this before too long but for now it gave me a chuckle.  So just in case you are feeling down on these 90+ degree days....... Here is a good dose of medicine to cool you down.  


  1. Oh my! I am SO glad I don't live where we get snow like that...but we do get ice! Probably not THAT bad...but this was funny, mostly because it was not me! Thanks for the laugh, Rita!

  2. It didn't cool me down but it sure did make me laugh :0)

  3. I swear I'd choose the heat over that! Funny video.

  4. Oh, Rita! That was soooooo funny!!! what a great way to start my week...!!
    Thanks for the chuckles....and, the unexpected cool down!
    Carolynn xoxo


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