Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Airy Old Barn

If your'e a regular here you know we travel to Omaha often to visit my sister.  On a trip about two years ago, a late start had us expecting to hit downtown Omaha during the height of rush hour.  My sister suggested we take a different route that would add some extra miles but avoid traffic.   During that detour I noticed an old barn beside the road that I could see light through in many places.  Conditions that day prevented my getting any decent photos so I planed to stop again on the return trip. Well, best laid plans of mice and men ...as they say, that didn't happen.  Nor did quite a few more trips.  I was afraid that by the time I actually got to make that detour again the old place would have fallen down and been hauled away.

Last March the hoped for detour finally happened and I was delighted to find the old relic still standing.  It sits close to the road on highway 50 outside the town of Weeping Waters, Nebraska.

The Old Salt swears that one day I will get arrested for trespassing in pursuit of an old barn.  But, this wasn't the day.    

The barn was close to a house.  So, we pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door to ask permission. Finding no one home and since we had to drive right by the barn to leave, we paused and  I snapped away.  

I said this old place had light shining through it everywhere.
I didn't go inside, I snapped all my shots from the open doorway.

I'm going to assume this old barn was replaced by these two that were a few hundred feet behind it.

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  1. oh, wow ... you got all sorts of views ... wonder when it will fall. so open. you are so brave to ask permission. maybe one day i will be so bold. now i just stand way back & snap away. ha. ha!! (:

  2. I'm always amazed at how resilient some of these old structures really are. They just keep on keeping on it seems! This one is a beauty, that's for sure.

  3. I'm so glad it was still there for you to capture. Looks like it was replaced with some good ones. I agree with Kathy about how old building keep standing. I believe that our modern buildings will fall much sooner than the old ones.

  4. What a great barn that must've been back in its day. But at least it's been replaced with some new ones.

  5. I always want to knock on the owner's door & ask permission, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm up to no good, plus, I'm usually by myself when I'm out barn hunting, so I don't think that would be a good idea.

    That is one gorgeous & very old barn... love all the angles you was able to shoot... I wish they'd have been home to tell some history of the place, but maybe next time. =)

    Thanks so much for joining =)))

  6. Yes - that's one airy barn! Glad you were able to get all these shots. You showed it well!

  7. Roger is just the opposite...he always says what are they going to do--ask you to leave?

    Anyway, I really am glad you got to photograph these...I like all!

  8. So nice and airy band, very spesiel arkitektur!
    Nice and intresting photos!
    From Photo by Ingun; Norway

  9. It's a drive-through barn, isn't it? I'm surprised someone hasn't taken it down for the wood....but maybe barnwood isn't so popular anymore. Fascinating structure.

  10. It still has a lot of character in its derelict state.

  11. Fantastic barn! I am so glad it was still standing when you finally got to go back and that you were able to get these amazing shots! It reminds me very much of a barn our daughter took Black & Whites of once. A few years later, I saw the barn again and it had completely fallen.

  12. I'm glad it was still there for you and I hope that the owners do what it takes to keep it standing. It's a great looking barn.
    Nice photos!

  13. I love old things! I could actually visit this old barn. I live in Omaha! :)


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