Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fragments #207

I can't believe its Friday already and time for Friday Fragments. 

A popular saying around these parts goes "if you don't like the weather just wait awhile."  Well I'm getting awful tired of waiting for all this heat and drought to change.  As this photo will show we have had a wide variety of sky formations but not enough rain to fully wet a sidewalk much less help the plants.   Everywhere I go I'm faced with shades of brown.

Actually, we are luckier than some parts of the country because so far we have no shortage of water.  And yes, I know running a sprinkler gets expensive but so does having to replace trees and plants.  

 I expect many  people wouldn't pay much attention to flagpoles but I live across the street from a firehouse and their flagpoles are the prime view out my kitchen window.  There are many times when I can hear them flapping in the breeze from inside our house.  Seeing limp flags is unusual, and that is just what happened the other day. I don't mean the wind died down for a few minutes.  The  calm lasted several hours.  That is rare enough that I can't recall the last time it happened.  

Sometimes I surprise myself with the lengths I go to get a photo.  I was in Wal-Mart when I saw this guy go past me. I left my shopping cart and took off after him digging my camera out of my purse as I went.  I must have snapped over a dozen photos, and never got the shot I wanted.  The above will have to do.  Its not great photographry and took some enhancing to bring out all the bandanas  flying hither and yon as he strode through the store.  I finally caught up with him at the checkout and realized he had three more bandanas sticking out of his front pockets but I couldn't get a clear opening to take the picture.  In this heat I guess a guy just can't have too many sweat rags.

After parking my car in the supermarket lot I notice this little guy on the dashboard of the car parked in front of me.  I was delighted when I got close enough to see that it was Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I can't believe I missed this Happy Meal toy.  Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors.  

There is a resale shop that I visit almost weekly.  I really missed those visits all last winter when I was stuck at home with a compromised immune system after completing my Chemotherapy treatments. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms by the time I was able to get  back there this spring.  I was rewarded by finding this love seat.  

I wanted to replace our large sofa with a smaller love seat since moving into our small house.  The size of this one was perfect and I loved that it was split into two pieces.  It's easier to move it to make room for the Christmas tree.  It was also a perfect fit for my short legs.  I hate sofas where my feet don't touch the floor.  But, I didn't like the price.  I kept going back and checking on it and finally found it in the bargain room for twenty-five dollars. I was shocked to find a label on the underside from one of the best furniture manufacturers in the country and another for an expensive department store.  I also found a manufacture date.  Would you believe this gem is almost fifty years old.

Now I just have to save up the money to get it reupholstered. Oh yeah! I also have to win the discussion with the Old Salt over what kind of fabric to use. Either way I'm watching Craig's List hoping to score a great deal on some material.   

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  1. Happy Friday, Rita! I, too, love consignment shops ... and envy this love-seat find! As our own l.r. set is in SORE need of replacing, I long to down-size with several smaller pieces. BUT, having to unexpectedly replace our refrigerator, that's been put on the back burner.
    Can't wait to see how your re-do comes out!

  2. I am a great fan of the consignment shops - have found some real treasures there! I love that love seat - how clever! I had a similar "discussion" with Dan about the footstool I bought...I wanted zebra print - he said no. So, I compromised...found something less offensive and there we were.

  3. I wish I were talented enough to reclaim thrift store to read these snippets from your busy life and so great to see you back to normal days. ( Our mantra is "Thank God for Ordinary Days.")

  4. I love fashion disaster photos. I appreciate the lengths you go to. I had to take one on my vacation of a girl with green hair and had to frame it to look like I was taking a picture of what was behind her.

  5. I guess he wasn't stealing them??? Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character, but I just love looking at Johnny. Eye candy times 100. Yes, I know, I'm a 50+ year old woman.

  6. We've got drought in central WI too.

    The meva bandana guy is cracking me up, but not as much as my mental image of you stalking him with your camera.

    You go girl.

    I LOVE the two flag photos side by side.


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