Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the Garden

A few days ago I stopped to take a few shots of a house that I really like downtown.  I ended up getting so much more.

 While hunting for the right angle to capture the old house I noticed this lovely bed of knock-out roses and daisies running along the side of the building. 

As I was snapping away out front I realized the brick walkway led to a patio and I could see someone sitting at the table.  Wanting more information on this remarkable old building I headed that way.  

 I ended up having a nice visit with the owner of the property and during the conversation learned that he had known my father and was friends with one of my brothers.   I snapped this shot of the walkway from the patio as I was leaving. 

The rear yard turned out to be just as wonderful as the side garden.  It was surrounded by a wrought iron fence and included a fishpond, fountain and even a good side vegetable patch. 

 There was even a few touches of whimsy.  Like the above plaque,
and the birdhouse below.  

 All in all this was a perfect garden to my way of thinking.  Colorful, tranquil, secluded and full of just the right amounts of dappled sun and shade with some delightful water sounds.   

Linking to Tina's Pic-Story the theme for this Tuesday is 
"In the Garden."

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  1. What a wonderful surprise! Love those daisies!

  2. thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us! :)

  3. Yes a very nice garden indeed!

  4. That is a beautiful combination, the daisies and the roses.

  5. Rita, Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! What a pleasant surprise and how wonderful that someone was sitting and enjoying it. Jean

  6. Nice find! It's a beautiful and serene place! Most people would have just walked on by...

  7. Thank you for dropping into my Blog and leaving a comment. I know the footprint could have been a lass, but 'lad' went better in the poem! Believe me, I pondered this for some time before writing it. I could have used a vague 'they' but I needed to make this personal.

    That looks a really nice house!

  8. Rita, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about the Snuggie. I know several people who have them, but I live in Tucson, and the last thing I need is something to keep me warm!

    I love the photos of the garden. I have always loved the combination of roses and daisies together. The whimsy is wonderful!!

  9. A lovely garden and a lovely mini-adventure as you made a new friend! YAY

  10. How I love your darling little birdhouse...with all those pink flowers surrounding it! What a sweet scene!
    Carolynn xo


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