Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Wall

Last year while visiting my Aunt in Dothan, Alabama, we ate at a restaurant that was fairly new in town.  I wrote a post that included a review of the Red Elephant Restaurant.  The post can be found by clicking here. 

During our visit this year, the Red Elephant was one of the places I most wanted to visit again.  Besides having excellent food, I loved that this is a let-your- hair-down, laugh out loud, get-together-with-friends-and-family kinda place.  But, I also had another reason.  During our last visit I fell in love with the paintings on the walls and photographed each of them.  When they were downloaded I found that I had forgotten to change the settings on my camera and some were over exposed.  I was delighted the paintings were still there and I did a better job with my photography this time around.

The paintings are signed simply "Cornbread."  His unique, distinctive style is fresh and playful — it just makes you smile.  They are a perfect compliment to the Red Elephant experience! 

After searching on Google, I learned the painter is John "Cornbread" Anderson, a self taught folk artist who likes to capture the wildlife of his home state of Georgia.  

 Cornbread had no early interest in painting and no formal training but in 1995 he began to render his lively, energetic and colorful work.

Cornbread's work is painted in Acrylics on wood.   

John Cornbread Anderson is rapidly emerging as a popular folk artist and his work is actively being added to many private and corporate collections.  I also found a website selling some of his creations.  When I win the lottery I just might invest in one.  

 All of the above shots were taken by me.  The two below were found on the internet.  

This photo of John Cornbread Anderson taken from the website of Southern Visionary Art 

I found this photo on Pinterest in the album of Lori Baker.  I wanted to include it because it shows a wider collection of Cornbread's work on display at an art fair. It shows that wildlife is not all that Cornbread chooses to paint. I like that his work can be found on rugs, statues, pottery and possibly furniture.      

I am joining the Round Robin Photo Challenge this week.  
The challenge for today is "On the Wall" and what better then the colorful and creative work of John Cornbread Anderson. 

I am also linking to Color Connection and color Carnival. 


  1. Interesting art pieces and some of them are so beautiful.

  2. It's always nice to find somewhere nice to have a meal.
    These pictures are lovely and colourful- I especially like the owl picture and the last one of the two birds. I really wish I was more artistic but alas I'm afraid I'm not. :)

  3. Neat to learn of your Omaha connection Rita and that you enjoyed the park. I love those sculptures!

    Also love the paintings you featured here. What a talented artist.

  4. Hello Rita!
    I found your blog link on the Round Robin challenge Blog.
    You have chosen some very colourful pieces for the challenge, I love the owl and the bird pictures most.

  5. Glad you got to photograph these paintings of 'Cornbread' ~ like his style a lot ~ thanks also for coming by ~ ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  6. Cornbread really does good work. I love them all.

  7. I love his work!! Like you I will have to come into a bundle before being able to purchase any :0)

  8. I like the birds! It seems like Mexican Folk Art might of possibly influenced this artist.

    I'm putting up some of my own art on my blog: late on Tuesday.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on the Soft post.

  9. I LOVE his artwork! It is just wonderful!

  10. Very nice artwork! I love folk art!

  11. Hi Rita :)

    Oooh... I like the paintings. Especially the squirrel. So cute. :)

  12. Wow -- I LOVE these paintings and this post! Thanks. I love folk art and that they are wildlife paintings is especially wonderful ....fascinating!

  13. Oh, I love these! My favorites are the squirrel - or maybe it's a beaver - and the stylized bluebirds. Thanks for showing them to us!

  14. Lovely elephant, a great match to red lobster hehehe.

    Thank you for joining last week's Color Connection. Come and join again this week. The linky is up now.


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