Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Fragments #205

I recently discovered a meme called "Friday Fragments".  This meme is meant to give all of us in blogland a forum for all the little bits and pieces of our lives we would like to share but don't feel would be wordy enough for a post of their own.  Here are my fragments for this week.  

A few days ago the Old Salt surprised me with this floral arrangement to celebrate my birthday.  Normally we would be in Omaha to share the day with my sister Veda who was born on my fifteenth birthday. This year we were not able to make the trip.  

Happy Birthday baby sister.     

We stopped at the post office this morning and the trees on the parking lot looked like this.   Unfortunately, we are seeing scenes like this all over the area.   I don't think I need to remind everyone about the drought conditions happening across the midwest.  Don't even get me started on the heatwave we are having just now as well. 

I captured this shot today also.  I was sitting in the car waiting on the Old Salt to run an errand when I noticed the ground in front of the car was peppered with these golfball size holes.  There were dozens (perhaps a hundred) of them.  Click to enlarge and you will get a better view. I wondered if the borrowing critters made these  holes trying to escape the extremely dry soil they are in.   I know that I can't move around my flower beds without settling into a burrow left by moles that will not leave our yard alone.  I suspect we have a mile of them under our feet.

I have no idea what the tree growing these pods is called but seeing it took me back to when I was a child.  My brothers would stuff their pockets with them and then climb on something high and toss them like confetti just to watch them fly to the ground.  Did you ever do that?
It seems lately that everything we touch breaks down. We recently replaced the hot water heater.  Our washing machine quit working and what a headache that became.  One night last week we came home with a couple of redbox movies and the player would not work. We had to go get a new one.  Last week, we also put my mac in the shop for repair.  Luckily, I was able to use the Old Salt's for a few day until mine was back up and working.   Yesterday the cable box gave up the ghost according to a troubleshooter talking to me from the Philippines. It will be Monday before we will get a new one.  I'm so glad my computer is now working since the cable isn't.   

A while back, we had to have the AC checked in a relative's car.  While sitting in the small waiting  area of the repair shop I noticed the stool in this photo.  It was unique and was made by painting and welding old car parts. I learned the owner's daughter made this stool in her high school shop class.  Thats right, I said this was made by a girl.  She raided the repair shop's discards for the parts she used.  I could see some man cave with a set of these parked at the bar.  Perhaps with some red leather cushions on the seats.  

Mark Twain once said  it was a horrible death, to be talked to death , so he always allowed his audience a chance to escape.   I wonder if that applies to blogs.  I will let you escape for now.   Until next time.

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  1. LOVE your frags and wonder what is making all those holes

  2. Very interesting chat with you today, Rita! I always enjoy a chance to know what people are thinking - much like chatting over a cup of coffee! Very interesting stool that young lady made!

  3. Welcome to the frags. This is a fun group. Great set of frags!

  4. Such an interesting post! And cute ending!

  5. I wanted to say also, I didn't know there had been a yard art meme! I just started doing the posts because there is so much here. I suppose I should have started my own meme! :-)

  6. Great post, loved the ending (I have a couple of friends I'd love to send that quote to)..... that was quite a neat 15th Birthday present you got there! Happy belated birthday to both you and your baby sister..... loved the flowers. Stay cool!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Lot's of interesting stuff in this post!


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