Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fair Time

Next week the fair comes to town.  I'm not talking about one of those traveling outfits that sets up in a vacant field with carnival and amusement rides over a weekend.  I'm referring to what in many parts of the country would be called a county fair.  Here it is called a town and country fair and is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and put on by a committee of civic leaders. All proceeds go back into the community through assistance with various community projects.  This is a huge event and consistently one of the three largest fairs in the state. Yes, there is the traditional midway with games and rides, but, most visitors come from far and wide for the big name entertainment.   Our fair features livestock shows, tractor pulls, exhibition halls filled with exhibits ranging from 4-H projects, garden clubs, cooking contests and displays of artists and merchants.  Popular kids contests include bubble gum blowing and a greased pig catch.

This fair started in 1872 and disbanded in 1917. It was revived in 1929 and has been in the same location ever since.   For information on the

In the past several years, as many as 95,000 people have attended the five-day event.  As you can imagine; the crowds, traffic, noise, and who knows what coming from the fairgrounds can become an aggravation for folks who live nearby.  Every empty field for blocks is turned into parking lots and all streets circling the fairgrounds are closed to motorist so coming and going can be difficult.  As a result, some of the residents who live near the fairground plan their summer vacation  during fair week.   

I saw this sign at last year's fair.
 But, some version of it has been displayed in the same
spot for as long as I can remember.  
 I suspect that is what the family who live where I photographed  this sign do.  Knowing they can not stop fairgoers from using their property as a shortcut they hope to reduce the damage with the sign.  Hanging their sign is probably the last thing they do each year before leaving on vacation.

This is the fencing where this year's sign will hang. The arrow will point to a break in the fence just out of sight.  Beyond the trees in the  background is the field that will soon be bumper to bumper with vehicles causing many to walk through this side yard. These homeowners will not have to worry about their flowers this year, however, because they have already become a causality of our prolonged drought.

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  1. I'm not a fan of people that disrespect.

  2. It always amazes me how people so casually disregard the property of others! And, usually they are the first ones to complain if someone trespasses!

  3. So good to post a sign!
    Have a happy day, Rita!
    Carolynn ;)

  4. that is better than a 'do not trespass' sign that will be ignored.
    maybe they should step it up a bit and make it big and colourful?!
    a greased pig catch sounds like fun (to watch!)

  5. for years I had my office on a street that had a huge festival every August
    for a solid week I couldn't get deliveries or have clients come up
    the smell was awful and the noise was worse
    I'm not of fan of fairs or festivals unless they're in big open places

  6. No wonder they leave for holidays!

  7. Sounds exciting if you don't live there. Suspect you won't see this comment for a while, but when you do see it, you'll know I'm thinking of you as you recover from your eye surgery.

  8. Seems a shame they need to post a sign to get people to do what they ought to do anyway.

  9. i see those fences often. go with the wildlife & nature so well. love the note. funny!! ha. ha!! i wonder if the note really gets the results they wish for?!! (:

  10. The fair sounds like a great revenue for your town...but the poor folks who live in the heart of all the action pay dearly for it! The same scenario takes place in Daytona Beach Fl for bike week in the spring...the locals leave town for the week!

  11. Poor people having to put up with the crowds! It's a lovely fence...wish more people paid more attention to it when it really matters!

  12. It must be frustrating to know that your property is an annual shortcut!

    Eastern Sky Aflame (with Fence)

  13. People seem to adapt to the inevitable, but I'm sure these homeowners dread the crowds and confusion in what looks to be such a peaceful place. Not sure I could comfortably leave home during this time--afaid of what may happen when not there to keep watch.


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