Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can You Identify this Location?

I snapped this shot from the car during our trip south last May. 

 When we are traveling I am prone to cat-napping if I'm not driving.  I would miss a lot of great shots if the Old Salt didn't nudge me occasionally.  I will sometimes wake up snap the picture and promptly fall back to sleep.  So, I have no idea where we were when this shot was taken.  All I can tell you is that it is on I-65 south in Alabama, somewhere between the space needle and Birmingham, based on other identifiable shots taken in that photo stream.

 This was one of those shots that just amazed me when I got home and downloaded my camera.  It was just too good to be true.  In fact, it looks so much like a painting that I have been hesitant to use it.  I have been waffling over this shot for a year now, and I was hoping to solve the mystery of its location during our recent trip south.  As luck would have it, we took a different route down, and coming home I ran true to form and napped through that part of the trip.  So I have finally decided this shot is too beautiful not to share.  Perhaps, someone out there will recognize this pastoral setting and be able to give me some information on this lovely barn.

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  1. I have no idea where it is, but I'd sure like to! What an amazing looking barn and scene...

  2. That truly is an amazing shot! So beautiful! I have some that I wish I could locate again, but, with the traveling we have done, it isn't always easy to remember where we have been!

  3. What a lovely rural scene!

    Hope you surgery goes well and you heal quickly! xoxo

  4. I am sorry you agonized over this!!
    It does look like a painting - almost too perfect ;)

  5. My first reaction was that it wasn't real! Too perfect. Sometimes we do our best work while napping.

  6. I know! It's on Interstate 65, north of Birmingham. It might be near Warrior, Alabama. I have the same shots whizzing by.

  7. Hot dog, I think Amy nailed it. I wasn't sure but I think she's right. Thanks for your visit to my B'ham blog today. I hope you'll visit often and say hello when you're in B'ham seeing your family!

  8. that is hilarious- I can never sleep in the car

  9. I have no clue where it is, but it is such an idyllic scene I want to GO there.

  10. Rita...loved all your comments on my blog posts! Thanks! I have tried to add you twice now as one of my Friends on my blog and it hasn't "taken". Thought I would try again using the url for this blog instead of the photo blog. Wish me luck!

    I'm going to guess, Anniston, AL. It's a gorgeous photo, and it just made me think of the Anniston area when I saw it. Oh, Amy says Warrior, so I am wrong! Boy, it isn't far from my hometown! :-)

  11. This is a beautiful barn...if you get on Google Earth or even look up Warrior, Alabama on the computer and scroll south you can see other pictures of it...Google Earth is wonderful....

  12. p.s.--I sure would not mind living in that barn!

  13. Here you go...can remember how to make the link but here is a link to it:

    1. Rose, thank you so much. Your link answered all my questions. You even gave me the name of the lake.

      I'm embarrassed that I did not consider using Google Earth once Amy agave me the area.

      Again thanks to all of you for your help in solving a puzzle that had perplexed me for the last year.


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