Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green Showers

A couple Sundays ago quite a crowd filled a banquet hall to give my niece a baby shower.  The invitation asked everyone to bring "green" gifts, both environmental  and color.  Our mother-to-be wanted non-gender specific gifts wrapped in a way that would not add anything to a landfill. The items that showed up on the baby registry were all in colors of green, yellow or nature inspired.  No pink or blue for this mother-to-be.

I learned "green" showers are the current fad.  As you might expect many gifts came in reusable gift bags but the more creative gift givers found a variety of recyclable ways to present their gift.  Some were wrapped in blankets, cloth diapers, baskets or other reusable containers.  I even saw one gift wrapped in newspaper and tied with string.

I managed to acquire two facts that led me to know what my shower gift would be. First, this expectant mother was not opposed to using disposal diapers when away from home. Second, the baby's nursery was being decorated with giraffes.  That was all I needed to complete the gift I had in mind.

  My giraffe decorated diaper cake. 

 How adorable was this gift. Now, that is an idea I intend to store away for future use.

 While my niece knew the gender of her baby she kept it a secret from everyone.  She wanted to make the big announcement at the end of the shower.  Even her mother asked to be kept in the dark for fear of spoiling the surprise.

When the dessert cake was sliced we learned from the color of the icing in the middle that Lindsay was expecting a little girl.  

The youngest guests at the party.  My great-niece Iris and her new first cousin Abe.

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  1. What a cute way to announce the baby's sex! Looks like a lovely shower!

  2. And the circle of life continues... What a sweet shower and a great idea.

  3. Love the idea - looks like a great (and fun) party! :)

    Angry Bird Launching 101

  4. What a great party - lots of lovely and unsual gifts. And what a novel way of telling the sex of the baby.


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