Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cast Your Vote

I found this colorful horse at a flea market last week, and I just had to have him.  I have an old weathered wooden wheelbarrow in my yard planted with bright yellow flowers.  I plan to place this horse in front of the barrow and connect him with a rope lead so that he appears to be pulling the barrow.

Ever since I purchased this little guy the Old Salt and I have been in a disagreement over his paint color.  One of us wants to leave him as he is and the other believes he should be repainted all one color.  To add to the conflict one of my sisters believes the horses nostrils are too large (making him resemble a dragon) and should be shortened.  Another sister thinks the horses front teeth are to big and should be removed.


Cast your votes, everyone.  What do you think?  What color should this little guy be painted or should he be left as he is?  Should his teeth or nostrils be changed?

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  1. I say he is PERFECT just as he is! I love his multi-colors, and the design is great! Don't change him...he may not be as friendly if you change him - you know...a horse of a different color...

  2. Little horse is PERFECT just the way he is. It is his idiosyncrasies that make him adorable. If you try to make him more anatomically correct (same color, shortened teeth, smaller nostrils) he will just look silly.

    Moreover - - - I believe if he had been all one color you would have passed him by in that little shop.

    Besides - - - all his colors will simply look FABULOUS in front of that wooden wheelbarrow full of yellow flowers.

  3. Sounds like a lot of people have a lot o opinions about your horse! So go back to your own instincts - what made you 'just have to have him'? I'm guessing the colours/shape/style were involved, so if you fell for the whole package, leave him as he is!

  4. He is what he is. Leave him be.

  5. Its cute already for me, visiting you via Color Connection hope you can visit
    My entry

  6. How big is this horse? I like him -- but I'm definitely NOT getting in the middle of any argument ;>). Just read on top here that your surgery's been postponed -- hang in there.

    1. Sallie, wise call. As to the size of my new treasure, he is about waist high (possibly 30-36 inches). He may be a tad too short for my barrow but I plan to anchor him to a tree stump that the barrow is currently hiding so I think it will be okay. It area is close to the street and I want to make sure he does not run away. If not he will get a place of honor somewhere else in my flower beds.

      I will post a photo once he is finally in his permanent home. But, with my current health issues it may be a while before I get it done.

  7. I love how colorful he is! What are your favorite colors? I think if you really want to change his color just use your favorite colors.

    Visiting for color connection

  8. I love him just the way he is! So whimsical and cute! He will be adorable pulling the barrow!

  9. sibling input...but don't listen to either one of them....we are all unique in our own way and pretty sure if you change him...he'll lose some of his "character;)"

  10. I "Ditto" what everyone else has said? For some reason, I'm humming that old hymn, "Just as I am."
    By george, he's got personality!
    Now, what are you going to name him/her?

    Holding you in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days!

  11. Wow that is beautiful! Thank you for joining Color Connection.

  12. awww! so cute :-) love the neat :-) Dropping by from Color Connection


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