Monday, May 21, 2012

Watermelon Carvings

Years ago my sister and I owned a catering business together.  We catered mostly wedding parties but my favorite kind of function was the smaller house party where we could get very inventive and creative with the menu.  That small catering business lead me to buy and open a  family style restaurant where I served a Sunday Brunch Buffet so I could continue to do those creative types of dishes.

One of my favorite things to do (in season) was a watermelon basket.  I could get rather creative with how the melon was carved.  But, recently a friend sent me one of those e-mail forwards that can be very popular.  This one featured a variety of carved watermelons that were entered into a contest at a watermelon festival that was supposedly held somewhere in Italy.  I googled the information and found these same photos posted on dozens of blogs but after much trying could not find the original source.  

So please note: these are not my photos and I can not give credit to the carvers or the photographer.  I can not even give credit to the place where this festival was supposedly held.  But, these pics are just too good not to share. Since there are so many I have but them in a collage or mosaic form.   

Of all these carvings I feel that I could only do justice to trying to copy these last  four

So, does this inspire you to head to the fruit stand for a nice big watermelon?

How creative could you be with one of these wonderful summer treats?  

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  1. I have seen these photos too...they get passed around every once in a while. They are truly amazing! I only ever carved a basket out of a know, the one with the zigzag edges and the handle...I swore never again! Too much work for the short time people enjoy it!

  2. Wow these are amazing. All I ever did with melon was cut it into chunks - not very inventive I'm afraid.
    What an exciting business you had and it must have been quite fun.

  3. Those are some carvings. Not my style, I like my food to look like food. But very creative.

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm not fond of watermelon, but love to see what these artists have done.

  5. Cool post Rita -- fun to find out something about one of your 'former lives"...that was interesting. My watermelon carving consists of chopping a chunk off and dicing it for breakfast. (We love watermelon and it's really good here and about the only thing that is cheap.).....we used to have someone in our square dance group (a former life) who brought a carved watermelon basket filled with melon balls and other fruit almost every week. That was a lot of work, but so good!


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