Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our fence

Around sunset each day I go out to water my flower beds.  The other evening  I noticed something very different about my neighbors fence.  Naturally, I ran in the house for my camera.  These are a few of the results. 

 I will continue to post the rest over the next few weeks.    

My neighbor, Michelle has had purple clematis growing inside her patio for years.  Suddenly, this year, the plant decided to expanded over the top of the fence.

Bye the way, if you are the praying sort, Michelle has just been diagnosed with the worst form of leukemia and could use some prayer warriors.  

There are four townhouses in our building and this fence encloses all four patios.   This shot starts with the honeysuckle hanging on the fence at unit four.  It goes down the row, past the roses at unit three, past Michelle's clematis at unit two and ends at the bump-out which is the start of our place or unit one.

 These butterflies are hanging on my section of the fence right at the corner in the above shot.   Now I should warn you that I like to cover my fence so you may be shocked by the assortment of things I have found to hang on it.

So don't forget to stop back by for installment two next week.  

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  1. Oh my Rita, that clematis is gorgeous!
    Mine barely blooms so I'm amazed at how lush this is.
    LOVE butterflys so I like your shiny ones!

  2. What a beautiful clematis! Mine has bloomed and gone already this year! Love your collection of fence "stuff" - I am looking for things to hang on our new fence gates...just haven't found the right things yet!

  3. That's a good looking fence! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Michelle has been remembered in prayer.

  5. So gorgeous...I love clematis...I have three of them blooming now! So sorry to hear of your neighbors diagnosis. Prayers coming her way!

  6. Can't see the photos....will try again later. I will pray for your neighbor!

  7. A beautiful clematis vine certainly adds a lot of character to anything it chooses to grow on. Hugs and good wishes to your friend.

  8. Those are really cute looking butterflies! It does look like they’re playing around. Well, that just means your fence never looks boring. ;) Adding accessories on your fence from time to time would help in having a good looking fence. After all, wood fences are flexible. It could be incorporated with different styles or paint colors.

    Marvel Farias


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