Monday, May 14, 2012

Dothan Murals 4

Over the last month I have been posting murals that adorn the buildings in the old downtown area of Dothan, Alabama.  I travel there almost yearly with my Mother to visit with her sister who has lived in Dothan for over thirty years.  

There are twenty boldly colored murals depicting the history of Dothan and the Wiregrass region.  I photographed half of them during out visit last May.  I hope to capture the remaining ten during my next visit south.  

If you missed the other three installments on these Dothan murals. You can find them here:
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The Steamboat Era 

This mural pays homage to one of the Wiregrass's prominent forms of transportation in the 1800's-- the steamboat.  Along with freight hauling, some boats did a booming vacation business.  Many boats such as the John W. Callahan, owned by Mr. Callahan, had their vessels outfitted to offer the best amenities available for their passengers. 

Johnny Mack Brown

Born and raised in Dothan, Brown was a football star of both his high school and collage teams.  A University of Alabama halfback known as the Dothan Antelope he helped his team to become the 1926 NCAA Division 1-A national champions.   In that year's Rose Bowl Game, he earned Most Valuable Player honors after scoring two of his team's three touchdowns in an upset win over the heavily favored Washington Huskies. He went on to become an actor recognized in the 1930's throughout the world by millions of youngsters and grown-ups as the cowboy hero who always triumphed over gun-slinging villains. 

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  1. Fantastic murals and extremely interesting story behind them - it's so nice to get background information to people's photos - thanks for sharing.

  2. I am enjoying your history of the Dothan Murals - I had hoped to get another installment of Lake Placid Murals this month, but we aren't traveling to FL since Dan had his heart attack. Instead, my mother is coming here next week to see us. Oh well...maybe later this year!

  3. Thanks for posting all of your Alabama visits. This warrants another trip to Dothan! There were some murals I missed in Mississippi. My husband is very patient, but I don't like to push it. I'll just have to go back!

  4. Such a fun way to learn the history of an area!

  5. Thanks for sharing your blues. I'll pray for you this week.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rita.

  6. I particularly like that they have a plaque to explain the mural and Johnny Mack Brown.

  7. I love those murals, so beautiful.

    Motherhood Blues , please come and see.

  8. I had no idea that the Steamboat Era lasted 100 years. See what you can learn from murals. I'm afraid I didn't know about Johnny Mack Brown either as a Rose Bowl hero or a silver screen hero. Now I do. Thanks for your contributions to this week's Monday Mural. Best of luck with the surgery.

  9. These murals are great as they keep history in people's minds!

  10. Absolutely beautiful!

    Your comment on my BLUE would be so much appreciated!

  11. I can only see one of the murals....for some reason I cannot get all the photos on people's blogs to upload where I can see them! That's why I haven't commented before now. I plan to do a little "backtracking" to see all the posts once my computer straightens out (if it ever does!) so please know I am not ignoring you! I just can't see what you have posted to comment on it. The one mural is wonderful! And I love the info you included!~


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