Thursday, May 31, 2012

Villa Ridge Zephyr

 About a quarter mile from my Mothers house sits an abandon Zephyr gas station and cafe.  The old place was already empty and slowly deteriorating when my parents moved to that stretch of the famous Old Route 66 back in the mid seventies.  

I took this photo of the old sign in March of 2011, but, for some dumb reason, never did photograph the decaying building.  When I did a google search I found quite a few shots of both this sign and the building going back about ten years.  Most of them were done when the sign was hiding behind and overgrowth of vines and weeds.  I also found that a artist named Tripp has done a watercolor painting of the old building that was very good.

Click on the following links or key Villa Ridge Zephyr into google.  

I captured the following sign during my last trip to Omaha.  It was nighttime so it is not the best shot but I wanted to share it because I have never seen another like it.  The moveable sign was in front of the Bag and Save supermarket near my sisters house.

Nice to know that someone is thinking of us old folks.  I see "expectant mothers" signs around here but never "Senior Citizens."  

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  1. I'm always complaining about the lack of seniors parking. There's parking for hybrid cars, expecting mothers and parents with children but none for people with seniority.

  2. I like that sign! I agree - there should be parking for seniors that are NOT handicapped - just needing to have a little more convenient parking spot! But, sadly, our society is not geared toward honoring our seniors any longer.

  3. At my age I have no need for any designated parking....not a senior, not handicapped, certainly not expecting;)....maybe I should look for parking that honors menopausal mom with teenagers!!

  4. I've never seen senior parking either
    here we have 'moms with young children' which always makes me wonder why dads can't park close by

    love the old rusty sign

  5. I just checked out David Tripp's blog and love his paintings!
    That station is pretty cool looking and your sign photo is very artsy.

  6. Senior citizen parking huh? (They'd have to make the whole parking lot that here in Florida -- there isn't anybody else ;>)

  7. oh, don't get me started on hybrid parking. really, if you are so green as to drive a Prius, then surely you can walk a few rows to the door. I like the idea of senior parking. my mother still gets very annoyed when we use the wheelchair parking - she takes it so literally! "I am old, not crippled" she always says.

    sorry, I got started anyway, didn't I?!

  8. Love the old sign from the Zephr station! Walking further will keep us all fit!


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