Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pink Surprises

It has been a long while since I've been able to participate in Pink Saturday.  Some how Pinks have just not been popping into my line of vision.  This week I finally have a few, but, you will have to be the judge of how great they are.

 A few weeks ago we went to Omaha for my niece's confirmation.  While there I learned the newest trendy place for tween girls to shop was  --- ready for this--- Victoria Secret.  Certainly not a store that would have been on my radar.  I got this shot of the window as we entered.  They were having a PINK sale.  


Returning home we took a detour to investigate the small town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  While there I noticed that their trash containers are ---- drum roll, please --------- PINK.

In the little town of Rosebud, Missouri is a roadside stand that I like to visit.  Besides fresh fruits and veggies (in season) they usually have some great deals on bedding plants this time of year.  The other day I found a variety of these concrete mushrooms (made by a local man) that could be used as stools or lawn art.   I would love to have a set but decided  it was just to easy to make my own.  A cardboard tube, a couple of trift store bowls, some readi-crete and a few cans of leftover paint and Wa-La Mushrooms.   I'm not so sure I would want to have faces on mine but if I decide to go that route I know my sister could do a better job then these.  


  1. Victoria's Secrets for teens?! Good grief...I barely knew about anything like that as a teenager! Oh well, the times they are a-changing! Love that pink garbage bin!

  2. That pink trash can is the bomb!!!

  3. Such a sensational entry for Pink Birthday!

    Please come and link at my Color Connection meme through my PINKentry, hope you'll join the fun!

  4. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for joining Color Connection last week. The linky is up now for this week's round, so come and link up once again.


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