Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round's About

 Over at Tina's Tuesdays PicStory the featured theme this week is "Round".  This has given me the opportunity to dig out a few of my more unusual captures that would probably never see the light of day without my being able to add them to something special like this meme.  

Some old insulators being used as yard art 

 Thermometer found on the side of an old barn 

 Black Walnuts waiting to be shelled 

 View inside a row of old tires 

 Freshly cut tree stump 

That row of old tires used in the previous shot 

Hop on over to Tina's blog and check out what round items others have to share this week.  

Click the badge below to go join the fun.

*round - rund*


  1. Very interesting shots...nice to be able to show off some of those shots that we think are neat but don't fit...

  2. I really like the shot inside the tires I could see that one hanging on the wall somewhere. Good job Rita!

    1. I like this shot also. It reminds me of a odd colored eye with the eyelid half closed.

  3. I can't believe how flat that tree stump was cut. Usually you see more angle on one that big around. Great photos.

  4. thanks for your great round ideas! :)

  5. Great "rounds"....challenges like this are always fun and interesting!


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