Monday, June 15, 2009

Color Carnival---- primary colors 2

Welcome to this weeks edition of Color Carnival. I have chosen two bright color pictures that have to do with children to share with you this week. The first was taken in the daycare center owned by one of my sisters. The second I captured during my recent visit to another sister in Omaha. Hope you enjoy them.

The box of building blocks that teach both colors and imagination.

This was a trailer parked at the loading dock of the book fair we attended.

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  1. Both great colour ful photos! I like the tumble of blocks in the first shot! :D

  2. perfect post for CC and I am glad to see those children got so excited about books.

  3. Great photos...We used to love to watch Clifford

    My Color Carnival

  4. Beautiful colors. I always loved the primary colors for kids.. painted my daughter's nursery with blue sky and clouds and grass and trees and a teddy bear with a large rainbow on the wall.


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