Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shades of Blue and Sepia Scenes.

If you google meme and make a list (or bookmark as I did) I think you will find Wednesday has more memes than any other day. Guess the hosts feel everyone could use some spice or excitement to get them over humpday.

Frankly, I have started to get too involved in joining meme's. My camera and computer time has grown considerably to the detriment of all of my other responsibilities. I find myself checking my blog every few hours to see if anyone has sent me any bloggie love in the form of a comment. I spend too much time trying to visit every entry on every meme. And, the Old Salt, my dear sweet hubby is trying to not complain about the increase in take out and the shortage of hugs coming his way.

So I have finally decided that I must start a new set of rules. My camera will still go everywhere with me. If a shot jumps in my path I will certainly spent a short minute getting the best shot possible. I will stop turning around to go back and check out what might be the perfect red, yellow, purple or polka dotted shot for some future meme. If I have time to be on the computer and there is a meme I can do at that time with the shots I have already taken then I will post to it. Other wise I will continue to remind myself that I have a life and I want to live that life to the fullest. I want to have the sun on my face. I want to walk the trails in search of pebbles. I want to be able to spend time in the park with the children in my life. I will no longer say "hold on a minute. I am almost finished with this meme."

That all being said. It is now time to post for the Wednesday meme's. Tonight I am choosing to post to the following two meme's. This is my first time posting to both.

First is Shades of Blue.
This little blue engine pulls the visitor train that takes guest all around the St. Louis Zoo.

And second is Sepia Scenes. Until recently my family was too large for gatherings in someone's home. So we would rent the local Knights of Columbus Hall to hold our family get togethers. This photo was taken at a graduation party where (as usual) many of the men would gather around the cooler for a cold one and some fish tales. This photo was taken by another family member and the shot recently reminded them of some old black and white pictures from the dust bowl era where everyone gathered together in groups to discuss their plight with an old truck in the background. They printed it in sepia and sent me a copy. I thought it was perfect for this meme.
By the way. I have nine brothers and three brother-in-laws and lots of nephews so this is just a fraction of the males in attendance at this gathering.

to join the fun or visit all the other entries. Go here:


  1. Rita, I wanna ride on the train! And I see wot you mean about Wednsday memes. I've given over to a couple of them!

  2. I've given in to a few memes, but they can be time consuming *lol* That little blue train is so cute, by the way!

  3. I love taking photos so the memes help me try to perfect what I enjoy. I admit I'm addicted. :)
    Love the train! (I hadn't heard of that meme...)
    Your sepia shot is a perfect subject for the tone!


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