Thursday, June 25, 2009

Window views 10 -- cleanest windows in town

I think that my favorite eatery has the cleanest windows in town. And I think I know why? Come along with me to Window Views and I will give you a peak at what I think is the reason.

With our nation's birthday just around the corner I wanted to share some patriotic windows with you this week. I will be playing hostess and tour guide next week, to out of state guests, and doubt that I will have much time for posting. I did not want to miss sharing the 4th of July decorations on the windows of my favorite place to have breakfast. This is Rothchild's and I believe I am safe in saying that they are the only place in town celebrating our nation's birthday with painted windows.

This next shot was taken from inside facing our favorite booth and the view through the side window.

This is the outside of that side window.

This restaurant celebrates most major holidays with a different set of decorated windows.

Now I would like to introduce you to the local artist who creates all those windows. Her name is Deborah Ferris and her business is Called "Ferris of them All"

I believe that having to wash off all that paint after each holiday is the reason my favorite eatery has the cleanest windows in town.

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  1. What fun to paint the windows. Happpy 4th of July in readiness!

    My entry is at:

  2. Ah, now I see why they are the cleanest. She looks like one who enjoys her job, yes? Working on a special post for the 4th, as well! Very well done here, Rita :)

  3. What a great job (both your post and her window painting...)


  4. Very patriotic - brings the spirit to town! Great picks - we need this in hard times! Thank you for sharing this. The kids and we are so ready for the celebrations and the fireworks!

  5. What FUN windows you've shared this week! Mine are are at Happily Retired Gal ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Deborah is one busy lady! What great windows she creates. In case you are too busy with your company next week - you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!


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