Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Theme Thursday -- Roofs

Welcome to this week's Theme Thursday. I would like to thank all the folks over at TT for choosing one of my suggestions for this week's theme. I can't begin to explain my fascination with roof's. It only started a few years ago when I moved to my current town. I noticed the town had more types of roofs in a broader expanse of materials and colors than anywhere else I had lived. I questioned whether it was the roofs I like or the building themselves? It must be the roofs because I come home with more shots of roofs without the buildings than I do with the complete structure.

I started out to expound on the many different types, materials and colors and decided my post was extreme over kill. So I tossed the whole post and settled on just these 10 shots. Each is unique either for color or material. Shelter is a fundamental need whether it is a primitive tepee or an expensive expanse of Spanish tile. I hope the variety of shelter I have captured is as interesting for you as it is for me. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. Fantastic shots, the last one is such a grand finale!!
    Thanks for the link to this theme!

  2. Great roof pics. Loved the dome roof.

  3. I liked the old barn, personally.

    Nice collection.

  4. you made some great selections. my two faves are the birdhouse and teh old country home that looks like something out of a Thomas Kinkade. well played.

  5. Great pics! Takes all kinds to make a roof, too, eh? Great choice for the theme. :)

  6. Another nice collection! Lots of metal roofs out west, yes. I like that old barn pic, as well. Nice job, Rita :)

  7. Rita: The connection to roofs was in this paragraph:

    I read the search engine hits and learn that Alfred E. Neuman is MAD magazine's "What -- Me Worry?" kid. He's a young man with a thatched roof of red hair, large ears and a gap-toothed, goofy-grin.

    Albiet, a bit obscure. Happy TT.

  8. The last pic is my favorite:)

    Happy TT

  9. great theme and post--thanks c

  10. Rita those are super duper pics! Thanks for the wonderful coments! Glad to meet you!


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