Friday, June 12, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge --- Looking Up

Welcome to this week's edition of Round Robin Photo Challenge. The theme this week is “Looking Up.” As a short person I always have to look up to complete most tasks. It never occurs to me to look up for photo opportunities. So this week with camera in hand I spent a few hours looking for things above my head. Here is a sampling of a few I thought were interesting. Enlarge to get the best detail.

A couple items found in the trees of my neighborhood.

Light fixture in a restaurant and the moon off our deck

Our deck umbrella during the rain and a tattered old flag flapping in the wind above the same restaurant with the flying saucer style light fixture.

You can check out the photo's posted by the other Robin's or join the fun by visiting roundrobinphoto.blogspot.comd


  1. I liked all the looking up pictures; the moon was a very good one and I thought the deck umbrella during the rain was an interesting shot!

    enjoy the weekend


  2. Great looking up pictures. Love the moon shot!

  3. All of your shots were interesting. And how wonderful a shot of the flag for Flag Day tomorrow.

  4. I like the light shot and the movement in the flag shot :0)

  5. Your flag shot? .... Wow!!!
    Instinctively, I just sat up a little straighter.

  6. Thanks for sharing these Looking Up images.

    Happy Flag Day, this is Hong Kong saying Hello!

    I play too...awaiting your comment.
    Do drop by my blog.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. Hi Rita :)

    What a nice variety of subjects! I especially enjoyed the umbrella and the light fixture. :)


  8. Nice! One looks like a Purple Martin house, a gourd.

  9. Very nice choices....great shots.

  10. I like the variety of pictures you chose. It makes me think of other things to notice around me!

  11. All the pictures are great, but I like the tree house shot. It fires up my imagination and makes me feel like a kid again!

  12. Nice job. I thoroughly enjoyed your Looking Up photos. The light fixture is pretty. I have a habit of photographing restaurant light fixtures, myself. There are some interesting ones out there.



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