Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation time--- but not for me.

Good Morning to all my devoted blog followers and fellow meme players. Just wanted to let all of you know that I will be hosting and playing tour guide to some out of state family for the next week.

I have Alabama cousins arriving shortly for their first visit to the "Show Me State" and since I want them to have a great time and not miss a single thing this great area has to offer I will not have time to do much (if any) blogging.

I know I have quite a few meme's posted and I do want to visit with each and every one else who participated but please forgive me if it takes me into the end of next week to catch up.

After all living life is much more important than writing about it. Besides, I will capture a bunch of newpictures and add more fodder for future posts.

Have a good week everyone and I will see you all after the 4th once my guest head home.


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  1. Rita, family is family. Entertain them, yes? Have fun! Forget about bloggin' for a while( and give your fingers a rest, wot? )-LOL!

    Too, re: the Whittier poems; tell Frank I just picked up another book by Whittier. It's a newer copy( 1920's??--'30's?? ) and not as in depth as my older one, but still nice. Email me and it's yours!

    And have a happy 4th of July hols!


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