Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eaglehawk's Photo Scavenger Hunt #1

I discovered a scavenger hunt on Eaglehawk's blog "Flight of the Eaglehawk." It seemed like a lot of fun and I had several of the items already in my archives so I decided to give it a go. Eaglehawk listed sixteen items to capture and post for this scavenger hunt. To save space on my blog I made a collage so I would only have one photo to download. They did not appear in the collage in the order listed but I hope that does not disqualify me.

Now for the list of items and a bit about them.
  1. Baseball ----- My nephew up to bat with his little league team.
  2. Flag ----------On a road trip across country I could not resist taking this picture in New Mexico of the flags flying with the #1 fast food chain right up in the action.
  3. Corn ----------this was a hard one. I ended up with about six shots to choose from and finally decided to use this one taken last fall. I captured this dried corn field just a few minutes ahead of the combine that was turning the field into cattle feed.
  4. Dog------------This sleepy lady is Noel, the older of two St. Bernard's that belong to my sister's family.
  5. Cow------------While technically this is a calf, she will one day be a full grown cow.
  6. Train ---------- Trains come through my town many times a day. I do have shots of trains but chose to use this one of an engine I captured on a side rail with the river in the background. It was just so colorful.
  7. Turtle -------- If one is good why not two. Captured at the zoo.
  8. Out of control------ Now this was a hard topic. I ended up with a dozen I thought would fit the bill, but decided that with all the rain lately I should use this one of the flooding at the riverfront. That water is sure out of control.
  9. Pizza ------ This was my last shot. I took it just last night at my favorite pizzeria. On tuesdays they offer cheese pizzas- two for five dollars. Can't turn that down when the grandkids visit.
  10. Heat------- How do you capture heat? I settled for this shot of a campfire taken at our last family reunion.
  11. House----- This purple house is a few blocks down the road from my sister and I have always wanted an excuse to photograph it. I love purple but honestly I don't think I could live in a purple house.
  12. Roses ---- I dislike roses. The smell makes me gag. But, admit they can be very pretty to photograph. This was the last rose of summer captured in my Mother's yard last halloween.
  13. Wheel. ---- I just could not find a wheel I liked until I came across a tractor sale over the weekend. The wheels on this one just spoke to me. (pun?)
  14. Jungle Gym--- Knew immediately that I wanted to include this colorful one in the park beside the city pool.
  15. Squirrel ---- Captured this squirrel running for his life down the rail of our deck. The Old Salt was chasing him for getting into the bird feeders again.
  16. Bottle---- Chose these bottles just because I liked the brand name.
To visit Eaglehawk the home of this scavenger hunt and check out the other entries, or join the fun go here.


  1. ACH! The only ones I lack are "TURTLE & "OUT OF CONTROLLE" I like your interpretations, Rita. You've always managed some nice shots :)

  2. Wow! I love this theme...great work Rita;)


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