Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Window Views #7 -- about town

I was excited when I first read that Mary was starting a new meme on windows. Collecting photo's of windows and doors has always been one of my biggest interests. Unfortunately, uncontrollable circumstances have prevented my posting until now. I'm not sure my post this week will be the take on the subject that was intended but I hope you enjoy them anyway. I could have posted some rather grand stained glass or the view from some stately homes but decided instead to go with some simple shots taken around town.

I live in a very old town. Many of the shops and businesses located in the downtown area are of the Mom and Pop variety. It is not unusual to enter one of them and find that the store is protected by an "attack cat." Quite often as I walk downtown I will notice one of the shop pets curled up in a sunny window taking a nap.

While visiting the local coffee shop I captured this father and son enjoying a spring day on the sidewalk outside the shop

My last entry is not technically a window view since I shot it through an open door, but, it is one of my favorite pics of the Old Salt and his brother; visiting on the front stoop.

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  1. Very nice window views. I just moved to a small town and love walking to the little downtown area.

  2. Very nice! I really love that last shot too even though I don't know them. Very cool...

  3. Wonderful series, especially the father and son shots.

  4. Great photos, your little town sounds wonderful, mom & pop shops are the best!

  5. small towns with small shops are the best!!

    your photos are lovely, so much heart and soul in each one

  6. Ineresting windows, with a lot going on!

  7. Nice choices, they give a good feel for your town. I really prefer shopping in small mom and pop stores when I can. I love the way they know your name and just what you might want when you walk in.

  8. That must be a beautiful place to live in.
    I love such cozy small towns!
    It's rare to find shop animals in Germany any more (I doubt they ever existed in Hungary).
    My favorite is the second father and son shot.

  9. Love the pics. That's what windows are all about after all - what you can see through them!

    My entry is here:

  10. I love the shop animals, they always make a shop seem so welcoming.

  11. Rita, where did this meme start? Looks interesting...and cool snaps, here you took!

  12. Rita, a lovelyseries of homey shots of people and pets through windows. Love the shot of "Old Salt" and his brother too! I welcome you to Window Views. Glad you have begun to post! :)

  13. Fun series of small town 'window' shots of 'critters' and ordinary folks enjoying life. I've been watching others share windows for several weeks before getting MY act together this morning and sharing my first at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,


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