Saturday, February 12, 2011

Abby, Gigi and Valentines Pink

I live in a small town where all the shops in the downtown area are family owned. The kind of businesses that are still warm and friendly, and they try to remember your name. I can't count very many of them that don't have a shop pet. When you walk down Main Street you will see a cat or a dog lying in the sunshine of the front window. You will notice pet doors that allow the animals to move between the sales floor and the back rooms, and sometimes the sidewalk. You may even have to step around a dish filled with kibble to get inside the front door.

One shop owner brings her toy poodle Abby to work each day wearing a different outfit. During my visit a few days ago Abby was wearing a pink sweater with white hearts.

I went to the car to fetch my camera and when I returned I found the daughter of another customer playing with Abby and her purple mouse. Luck was smiling on me that day because the little girl had touches of pink, from her hood and cap to the soles of her shoes.

I captured this next photo of Gigi, that same evening when the Old Salt and I attended the birthday dinner of her resident human and our dear friend. Gigi must have know I was seeking pink shots to share because she choose a pink blanket on the back of the sofa for her nap.

Beverly, who hosts Pink Saturday, gave us the option to feature something pertaining to Valentine's day this week. Due to the weather, I have not been getting out much, so I am afraid that the hearts on Abby's sweater is the best I could do. Perhaps you will find something more in keeping with Valentines Day by
visiting Beverly and her friends at Pink Saturday.


  1. Why can't shopkeepers in this country be as dog-friendly? I still feel as if I am committing a crime by taking Amy into town.

  2. That was such a cute post and I saw the hearts right away. The love the owners have for their animals and that little girl sure does seem like Valentine's Day to me. Cute post.

  3. Awwww, very cute. A delightful Pink Saturday post any day, including Valentine's Day weekend. :)

  4. What an adorable post.... it's so nice that people their can carry their dogs around with them to the stores, that's really sweet! Happy Pink Saturday!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  5. cute dogies,

    lovely pink.
    keep being playful and beautiful.

  6. Rita,
    It was nice to hear from you. I been playing on FB game called Cityville and so addict to the game. Love it and big sister got me hooked too. Just playing for her. YOu need neighbors to collects items etc. I was going to join in on Beverly's Valentine pinks. I got busy taking care of mom and dad and today I finally got out. I will write about that tomorrow entry.
    YOu enjoy you Valentine's Day.

  7. The pink outfit on the poodle is perfect! And then you added the little girl and it got even better.


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