Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Signs, signs and more signs.

Signs, Signs and more signs. It is impossible to live life without them. But, sometimes they can also add a smile or a giggle to our life. Then there are some that will have you laughing.
These have done all of the above for me. I hope they add some mirth to your day as well.

Last fall the firehouse across the street had an open house. It included an exhibit of restored antique fire engines. I saw this sign lying on the seat of the oldest engine. Since our town was founded by German immigrants and many of the townsfolk are of German heritage I assumed it was written in German and ask the owner of the fire truck to translate it. Turns out that it is written in a combination of German and English. Kind of a comic pig Latin. I hope that someone out their can translate it for me because even though it was read to me I did not write down the information and just can not remember it all, but it had me laughing at the time.
Das machinen is nicht fur
Gerfingerpoken und mittengraben.
Is easy schnappen der Springenwerk
blowenfusen und poppencorken mit
spilzensparken. Is nicht fur
gerwerken by 'Dummkopfen'. Das
rubbernecken sightseeren keepin
hands in Das pockets. Relaxen und
still gestanden.

The moment I saw the window on this truck I thought of Mike and Frank who star on the TV show American Pickers on the History channel. Their pet phrase is that they will "Buy anything they can make a buck on."

For over a week, last fall, we watched the progress as a new concrete retaining wall, stairway and sidewalk were replaced on a house we passed on our nightly walks. Finally, the work was done and as we walked by I noticed this cheery yellow tile had been set into the cement wall beside the stairs leading up to the sidewalk.

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  1. i had fun reading the "German" sign.:p the message in the yellow sign is beautiful. great post.

  2. the 'German' sign is funny.
    I like how the homeowners personalized their retaining wall, makes you stop and think.

  3. Fun "German" sign. The font makes it look so evil.

    I also like the tile set in the wall by the homeowner.

  4. I love a laugh with my coffee. Sweeter than sugar. American pickers is one of the shows we watch too. That was a fun post. Thanks.

  5. Hey -- I can read THAT German! Love it. And the beautiful thought on the wall, how perfect.

    Boy if I've never done anything else good in my life at least I introduced you to Lesley's meme. It is absolutely MADE for you. Perfect contribution.

  6. Very funny 'German' sign. What a lovely sign to put on a wall, both to cheer and think.

  7. I came here to read that "German" sign after you had told me about it in your comment. That is a very funny German, and honestly, I'm not quite sure what it says! The font, by the way, is the old German printing. I think it is still possible to find bibles with that font. I love it.


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