Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pounds of Soda Pop Cans

Beverage cans in our area are selling for twenty-eight cents per pound. Wonder how many pounds were in this bin at the city recycling center yesterday?

I am linking this post to the meme Color Carnival.

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  1. Confirming my impression that you are a brilliant photographer.


  2. Wow, the park here recycles the cans and the bin is usually overflowing. Don & usually drink water unless we have company. That's a lot of sugar photo.

  3. Lots of $$ and amazing how colorful junk can be isn't it? I love that Florida or at least this county has recycling (we are Oregonians and recycling is part of our DNA ;>)). Here we keep aluminium separated (one of our good friends in the park volunteers to correct other's mistakes) and then sell the cans and other alumimun. He is going to host a party at the end of the season with the proceeds.


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