Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tractors Git Her Done

Jenny over at Alphabe Thursday is featuring the letter "T" This week. Now as a country girl that is letter I know something about. What do we have more of in a rural area than TRACTORS------- of course.

It is almost impossible to take a drive a few miles out of town on a summer day without having to spend sometime at a slow crawl behind a tractor. And, you will find that our tractors come in every size, color and vintage as the following collages will show.

So the next time you get stuck behind one of these saviors of the family farm, remember that but for the eighteen hour days spent on that hard seat in all kinds of weather by the driver you might have to forgo that sweet corn with your BBQ or do without fresh fruit on your morning cereal.

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I am linking this post to Alphabe Thursday.
The theme this week is the letter "T"

To check out the other participants take on the letter of the week visit Jenny Matlock and her friends by clicking here.


  1. Don is a John Deere man so we love looking at tractors. Great photos.

  2. We have John Deere videos for kids what JDaniel loves to watch.

  3. Hey, folks! The next time you get behind one, relax and enjoy the scenery!

  4. Love your tractor photos. I live in a village surrounded by farms and love to take photos of tractors too. :)

  5. New follower!
    This post brought back so many memories of growing up in rural Idaho. . . .
    Thanks for the trip.

  6. love those vintage tractors!

  7. Love old tractors and this terrific link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "T" featuring them.

    I'm always happy if I'm behind one...then it means I'm somewhere other than Arizona enjoying some greenery around me.

    Thanks for linking.


  8. Hey, I'm an ol country chic too:)
    But now I'm stuck out on the desert so I don't get to see much anymore. Thanks for the memories...

  9. How fun! Being a city girl, I don't get to see (or get stuck behind) tractors!

  10. love these...

    Happy Sunday!


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