Sunday, February 06, 2011

Wind Shapes on Water

If you are a regular visitor here then you are aware that the Old Salt and I make regular visits to Omaha to visit my sister and her family. While I am not fond of Nebraska winters, I love being there in summer. They get about 30 minutes more daylight than we do and the High Plains wind seems to make the Nebraska summer heat more comfortable. But, what I like most about Omaha is that it has as many interesting things to see and do as St. Louis but confined to a smaller area.

Omaha, like St. Louis, sits beside a river. But, I think their riverfront area is more people friendly. It has a pedestrian bridge that allows you to walk across the river to the park on the Iowa side. The older part of downtown has been preserved and is full of great shops and restaurants. The rest of downtown has many areas that contain small parks and lots of interesting sculptures that make for great walking tours. You never know what you will find around the next corner because Omaha didn't confine its downtown art to the parks. You can find things like a buffalo imbedded in the corner of a building as though it had been caught in the building in mid-stride. The buffalo reminds us of what was in that very spot before the land was settled.

I posted before about how every trip to Omaha has to include a visit to the giant slide. I have collected photos of almost every family member going down that huge slide. One was of my 85 year old mother going too fast (she decided to sit on some wax paper) and being caught by one of her nine sons which prevented her landing on her butt in the sand as some of the children did.

But since this post is intended for Weekend Reflections, I'm sharing the following photos taken in the park beside a large fountain that acts as a reflecting pool.

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  1. The reflection photo almost looks like sail boats. Great photo. Glad your mom wasn't hurt coming down that slide. Never knew about the waxed paper bit but I was from remembers it. They used potato chip bags that were made of wax paper way back when he said.

  2. Really nice photo! I've never heard of the giant slide!

  3. Unsual and original subject... May the light be with you next time !


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