Saturday, February 05, 2011

Join me in wishing a Happy Anniversary to Maxine

Just wanted to remind everyone that our favorite "Queen of Attitude"; that bunny slipper wearing, crabby old lady who is never without a irreverent opinion..........MAXINE, is celebrating her twenty-fifth anniversary this month. I just happen to come across one of her baby pictures and thought this would be the perfect occasion to share it with all her fans.

Heres to you Maxine, the lady we all love to hate.
I'm wishing you another twenty-five years of being your crabby old self.


  1. My kids and some of my friends call me "Maxine" at times. Should I be Anniversary to Maxine.

  2. Now, this is PRICELESS!
    Do we ever tire of Maxine? ....Noooooo!
    Thanks for providing my first real laugh of the day!

  3. I love Maxine, what a hoot. Did you know she is written by a man? Happy Pink Saturday to you and yours, Char


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