Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrambled Sky

When I was a child the sight of a airplane contrail was rare enough for us to run outside to see it. Today, you can look up anytime and see not one, but several contrails. Is our sky that crowded? Maybe planes are flying at higher altitudes than they once did. Contrails only occur above 26,000 feet where modern jets tend to cruise.

Last night during a drive in the country I took this shot because the color of the sunset contrasted with the starkness of the tree in winter appealed to me. After looking at the photo at home, I realized the sky was full of contrails making the sky look like scrambled eggs when you first start to stir.

I am linking this photo to Sky Watch Friday. Why don't you go check out the sky shots posted by others. Just click here.


  1. That is a gorgeous sky. I never knew the vapor trails were called contrails. Learn something new every day.

  2. What a beautiful sky and silhouette.

  3. This sky is simplys stunning - but what I most like is the lone tree.

  4. That is a lovely sky! I'm not even sure I would have realized those were contrails if you hadn't said, they look like beautifully layoered cloud cover.


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