Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tricycle Time

It is that time of week again when we celebrate all things RED. Thanks to all the white stuff we've had the last month I'm having to delve into the archives for todays shots. I can't recall if I used these pictures before, so forgive me if you have already seen them.

Last summer we went into St. Louis to attend the first birthday party of my nephew. On the way home we passed a city park that had some great sculptures. Of course we had to do a turn around to photograph them.

I was so taken with this giant tricycle that I could not resist trying to climbing on board. The Old Salt was convinced I would not make it without his help.

But, I showed him, and must admit that it was not easy. I almost fell off trying to get posed for this shot.

I am linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday.

Mary at "Work of the Poet" hosts Ruby Tuesday. Rednesday is a Wednesday meme hosted by Sue at "It's a Very Cherry World." Both memes are dedicated to the color red. To join the fun or just check out what Red others are excited to share visit Mary and her friends at Ruby Tuesdayand Sue and her friends from Rednesday


  1. Love that photo of you on your tricycle..lol...So cute.

  2. Oh my goodness, Rita what a trike and what an awesome picture!!
    Thanks for sharing it. :o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. Hahaha very funny bike...
    Your newest follower,

  4. That is absolutely adorable! I love it!

    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  5. Oh the lengths you go, to get a great red shot! I love it, and I'm not real sure I could have gotten up there. You are one brave girl!
    Happy REDnesday!

  6. Enjoyed your blog and the red sculptures. Nice job.

  7. Someone did a fantastic job putting that trike together!


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