Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow as high as............

Our new camper has been installed on our pickup for several weeks now and, due the all the snow and ice, the Old Salt has not wanted me to drive it. But an overloaded schedule and the need to be in two places at once, forced me to venture out alone today with a much reduced ability to see to the rear. So Folks, while the Old Salt stayed home with the plumber, who is making his fourth attempt to fix our broken water heater, I took the truck to do some shopping.

I am happy to report I had no problem with the added width, height or weight the camper creates but, I sure had a problem finding a parking space at the shopping center with snow mounds as tall as Paul Bunyan and as wide as Dumbo's ears piled up all over the lot.

Now I am trying to maintain my sense of humor but ........... I can't wait for spring.

Thought I would share the following bits of winter humor with those of you who are feeling like I am.


  1. We have a big Blue Dodge dually and pulled a 30" RV for quite a few years. Don said "can you pull this?" and I took off down the highway. He was a lot grayer after our adventure but I'm good as long as I'm going forward. I always told him I could get a man to pull it for me if anything happened to him. Nice, aren't't tell him it was because they would want his truck.

  2. Good for you, Rita! Love your reference to Bunyon and Dumbo :)

    Your first cartoon prompts me to add, (Arizona) has no hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes .... just sayin! Our welcome mat's out!


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