Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rants and Tangents

I know some of us are bad about reading the fine print on things and occasionally it comes back to bite us. Well, if you pop up and read the fine print under the title of my blog you will see that I promise to throw in a few rants, tangents and some rambling’s on occasion. Well this is going to be one of those days. But, don’t worry; my fine print doesn’t bite back. So, grab your drink and get comfy, this may take a while. But, please don’t go running away unless you are going to be late to the doctor’s or your meatloaf is burning. You might find we have some thoughts in common.

I am a list maker of long standing. I tend to make list of my lists so I won’t lose my lists. Since the bad weather and my Fibro have been messing with my health and sanity the list of things I wanted to blog about has gotten lengthy. So rather than trying to compose a post devoted to each subject I am going to do the cliff notes version of a few. Hope you are all settled in because here goes.
WHAT IS IT-------------with people these days?

People seem to be in such a rush to get somewhere that they don’t have time for basic human decency and politeness.
Recently a niece’s birthday party took us to a large indoor amusement park. It was a busy Saturday with dozens of parties scheduled and the place was hopping. In the course of two hours I got run into by kids on skates, shoved by parents on cell phones, hit by tots tossing balls, and doused in spilt soda without anyone saying a simple “I’m Sorry” or “Excuse Me.” What’s up with that?
One day I stood outside the Men’s room waiting for the Old Salt and during that few minutes’ two guys exited the restroom still zipping up their pants. What’s up with that?

Another day while shopping with my elderly mother, I stood outside her stall in the ladies restroom in case she needed help. During that time I counted 15 people come and go. Only eight washed their hands. Two of them were teens who washed because their grandmother was with them and set the example. What’s up with that?
I got into what became a very heated discussion recently at a family function. Seems, that I am really outdated in my thinking and couldn’t find anyone who would agree with me, at least openly. The subject was “wearing clothing with advertising on it.” For example, in my day (Ha, there I am talking like my father) if a person was wearing a Tee shirt that advertised a person, place or product you knew that it was because the shirt was a give-away or freebee.

To this day, I refuse to pay for an item to advertise for someone or something. You will not see me plunking down hard-earned money for something with Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombe, Columbia, Aeropostle or the like emblazoned across it. Of course my nieces had to set me straight real fast on the flaws in my thinking. In their minds, if the brand is not major and the print large they do not want to own it. I think it is a status thing. What’s up with that?

Over the years the Old Salt and I have been married there have been several occasions when I disagreed with some decision he made where a child or young lady was concerned. When he explained why he did whatever, I felt he was being silly or outright paranoid. During a discussion with a group of friends recently a similar subject came up and I discovered that every man in the group felt the same way my husband did.
I can’t believe that the world has gotten so upside down that good, honorable men are hesitant to go out of their way to help a child or teenage girl for fear of being accused of some inappropriate behavior. What’s up with that? What has happen to the “It takes a village to raise a child” idea? Heck, when I was a kid I new that if I did something wrong my parents expected whatever adult was nearby to give me the same chewing out they would. And, I was always certain that if I needed help I could trust the adults in my neighborhood to provide it. That was even true when my kids were growing up. When did that all change? And, how did I miss seeing it?
Okay, I guess my little rant is out of my system for now. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Feedback is desired and always welcome.


  1. LOL ooooh yes we do think the same...and it's very sad the way things have become.
    I too refuse to pay to advertise for someone else, heck they should pay ME.

  2. I think most in our "generation" think about the same. Enjoyed your rant.

  3. Fun read Rita and I too agree with most of it. But I think the Old Salt is probably right on that last one though -- sadly you have to be really careful these days of overstepping.


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