Thursday, February 03, 2011

Everywhere Signs

I went to see what was new with my blogging buddy Sallie at Full Time-Life and discovered a new meme. Yep, just what all of us need, a new meme. This one is a newborn, just five weeks old, and devoted to signs. Now, that is a subject I can really get my teeth into. I have probably had more disagreements over signs than any other subject.

I once worked for a restaurant manager who loved to post signs near the time clock. Signs would cover the entire wall, and get so thick that, in just a few days, the wall would contain hundreds of sheets of paper. This guy believed the best way to train his employees was to post a sign with every thought he had. Problem was that no one could learn anything from all that mess because each layer got covered up several times each shift. We fought over the signs each time he wanted to punish someone for not having read the sign related to whatever he thought their infraction was. Long story short, I eventually replaced him as the manager and the signs came down and a proper training program went into effect.

I know that you all realize that the world is full of signs. So many signs that you probably don't notice most of the ones you pass everyday. It's true that few commercial activities have been in use longer than the advertising sign. Signs have been around from the ancient world to the present. Prehistoric cave paintings were nothing more than a form of signage. The forerunner of modern instructional and safety signs, so to speak. Wall paintings found in the ruins of Pompei depicting people behind baskets of bread or a cobbler at work were actually just a form of signage used to let people know what was being sold in the shop on the other side of the wall.

I have more pictures of signs in my archives than I can count. Signs of every age, size, color, material and description. Signs that are professionally done and ones that are hand written. Serious signs, safety signs, even funny signs. Signs that cost a few pennies and others that are worth thousands. There are shots where the photography can run from great to downright horrible but, they are photos of a great sign.

Now let me share with you just a few of my many signs.

Most folks would call this a car tag or a license plate.
But, I see it as just another form of signage.
In this case one where the buyer personalizes it to their own life.

This may be a plaque to many but for me it is still a sign.
A sign that tells the history of an old house.

Some would look at this wall and only see a mural.
But, it is still an advertising sign marking a western shop.

A sign can be made out of almost anything.
This is not one of my best photos, but, it is a great old canoe turned into a sign.

While this is a patch on the vest of a member of a motorcycle club,
it is still a sign that expresses the view of the wearer.

This old sign has seen better days but it still gets it message across.

Some signs give good advice.

Some signs seem silly and you have to look to the fine print to get the message.

Some people like to use signs to preach their point of view.

Signs can make sure you know the rules.

This may be a monument to some, but,
I see a sign telling me what the person resting here wanted me to know.

signs can announce the good times in life

Even this old truck use to be a rolling sign.

I am linking this post to Signs, Signs.
A new meme hosted by Lesley of Southern Ontario, discovered . To check out what interesting signs others have posted this week click here.


  1. Rita, I'm glad you jumped in to the signs meme! And you really did -- with a big splash. They're all wonderful (I thought I had a lot, but you beat my number with just this one post!)

    I 'WANT' the Uncle Sam poster for my front yard BTW! (I really wouldn't put in my yard, being that I'm pretty much a non-confrontational person in real life), but I so agree with what it says.

  2. They were really funny and I love reading signage. I'll have to check hers out. Take care.

  3. Wow!. I should have had you write my introductory post!! I agree with everything you say and all of your signs. So glad to have you on board.


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