Friday, June 01, 2012

My Fence -- Round 2

Last Friday I posted the first installment of the fence that surrounds the patios of my row of townhouses.  You can find it by clicking here.  That post ended with the outside corner of my fence.  I will now start where it left off and work my way around my yard.  

Left side of the gate. 
This section of fence is still relatively bare compared to the rest.  But, I am always on the hunt for new items to add to it.  

Right side of the gate. 
The two butterflies in the previous photo and the three matching ones in this shot are actually cast iron stepping stones.  I got them on a end of season clearance sale for two dollars each.  They were black so I painted them in red, orange and yellow.  

This is the longest section of the fence and it faces the street.  I completely redid it this spring.  It use to be an assortment of items. I kept the two suns and added a group of stars I found in a resale shop for very little.  They were all a bright turquoise and I repainted them in softer greens and rusty reds.

This is the inside of our patio. 

A neighbor build the sloped roof shed last fall.  It covers the entire length of the fence on that side.  I painted it a soft cream to match our siding. I found the window planter in a thrift shop.  It had a mirrored back that I removed.  I then painted inside the squares with silver paint to give a glass look.      

A few of the items hanging on the inside fence.

Warning: Jim Shore yard art is poor quality -- do not buy

This sun wall hanging is by the designer Jim Shore.  I purchased it and a St. Francis statue (also by Jim Shore) at Lowe's last spring.  They were each very pricey but I really like his work so I paid the price.  It was a big mistake.  I would not recommend purchasing any of his yard art.  Both items were brightly colored (just like his home decor items) and both faded to very pale (almost colorless) hues in one season.  Once I noticed they were starting to fade I gave them both a clear coat  to protect them.  It did not work.   I removed this from the outside of the fence when I redid it this spring.  I planed to rehang it elsewhere but bumped it again something and broke off one of the points.  We have tried gluing it but have not yet found an adhesive that will hold it together.   The St. Francis sits in my front yard and has loss all of its color.  I am going to spray paint  him all one color when I get the chance.


Click here to get an update on what has happened with my JIm Shore Sun since this post was published.  

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  1. Wow - you have a LOT of stuff on your fence! I have bird feeders on my fence, and some decorative plaques on the front of the big gates, but that is all. I love your things!

  2. what a great way to spruce up your garden. make you smile. i love it. (:

  3. I can see that brightening up those fences is an ongoing project!

    Look Hard to See the Fence!

  4. That's a great place to hang things you love!

  5. Wow creative you are...I love Jim shores work..shame they dont hold up outdoors.

  6. Love what has been done to this fence at every spot! I love all that great yard art (except the piece you told us about as being inferior quality) hanging on the fence. Wonderful! Pluus your hanging baskets! I hadn't thought of that, but it is something I could do in my back yard!

  7. That is wonderful Rita -- I love whimsy and you carry it off so well..... and wow are you a good shopper. Great stuff.

  8. Oh my Rita! I love every single inch of your fence!
    The butterflys are gorgeous - one of my favorite decorative items.
    I love the suns and stars and the baskets of flowers!
    A really eclectic array of lovely items!

  9. I really like the butterflys

  10. I enjoyed your fence tour--you obviously get a lot of enjoyment from planning your fence art. Love it when people are enthusiastic about things. Do the other neigbors get into this as well?

  11. wow, lots of stuff on your fence, i enjoy looking especially butterflies =) hope you can visit me back!

  12. Beautifully designed fence! Love the butterflies!

    Visiting for color connection
    Pahiyas Festival

  13. beautiful and fun love it :-) Dropping by from Color Connection

  14. Oh, I love your fence. There is so much fun going on. My kiddos would love it for sure.

    Thanks for joining Color Connection last week, the linky is up now for this week. Hope you can join again.


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