Saturday, September 15, 2012

Braids, Beards and Unique Hair

I've been blogging for seven years.  I only began looking for ways to share the photos I was taking in 2009.  One of the first photographic meme's I got hooked on was The Saturday Photo Hunt.  Back then, I went out of my way to find a shot that fit each week's theme.  My life got hectic and more memes came along that interested me. I reached the point where choices had to be made.  Now I only contribute to a blog hop or meme if I already have a suitable photo for it.  Needless to say, I don't participate in the Saturday Photo Hunt as often now.   

I have to admit I miss all the plotting, planning and running I used to do to guarantee I had a good picture to share on the Photo Hunt.  Regrettably, time and health no longer allow me to do that. I was delighted when I saw that "Hairy" was the theme this week.  That is certainly a subject I am prepared to participate in.  I hope my faithful followers will forgive seeing this subject two days in a row. 

I'll shut up now and share a few of my more memorable shots of "Hair" for this weeks "Hairy" theme at the Saturday Photo Hunt.  

I captured this shot of the Old Salt talking to a lady in the tobacco shop almost five years ago.  This lady told us that in her entire life she has never done more then trim her "split ends."  Just so you can guess the length of her braid, she is over six feet tall.  I still occasionally see her around town and she has not cut her hair.   

I met this lady waiting in line during a picnic held at my brother's church.  I  photographed both of these amazing braids the same week and these two ladies are responsible for giving me the idea for the "Braid Parade" on my sidebar.   

I took several shots of this gentleman at the Town and Country Fair. When I decided to go ask him about his beard the Old Salt photographed us. This man has not shaved since returning from military service in the seventies.   His beard is the one that got me interested in men's facial hair and led to the "Hit Parade of Beards" on my sidebar.  I started the beard parade with ten beards and now have about two hundred in my collection. Not all make the parade for a variety of reasons.  When I published that first beard parade I got a call from one of my brothers informing me he knew this man and four others. They are all members of the same civic group.  

This gentleman is one of my most recent additions to the beard collection.  I ran into him coming out of the grocery store. He told me the last time he shaved was thirty-five years ago. He shaved so the woman he had just proposed to could see what he looked like without the beard.  He quickly grew it back and has had it every since.   

This  is certainly not a good photo, but, it is the only shot I have managed to get of this young lady.    I see her walking around town often and she can't be missed with that bright red hair. I've just never been in the right place to get a good photo of her.  When I took this shot she was walking several blocks down the road.  My lens was not long enough for that perfect shot.  

This young man was a fellow passenger on the Gateway River Boat Cruise we took two years ago. The tour leaves from the foot of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and travels up and down the Mississippi River several times each day.  

This is Misty and I just met her today.  She was walking down the sidewalk and I pulled over and ask if I could take her photograph.  Misty told me she had to make several trips to the hair salon to get this shade of purple.  Misty also said her hair color was inspired by the book "The Color Purple."  

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This weeks them is "Hairy."


  1. Sem dúvida, encontrastes belos "tiros" de cabeludos. Boas! abraços,chica
    Realmente são tantos convites pra participar e fotografas.Lindo isso,n~]ao? Mas temos que escolher!rs

  2. Interesting photos today! I am not particularly a fan of beards, although I have known some men who looked much better with one than without! I cannot imagine having hair that long, either in time or length!

  3. A nice variety of hairy heads. My favorite is the guy with the golden butterfly "wings". My Eddie Bear indulged himself with my hair.

  4. Wow!
    Thanks for playing with us.
    Happy Hunting y'all~

  5. Hi Rita,
    What a hairy experience.I had to chuckle at your comment on Mevely's blog that you can't get family to read your blog. That seems to be true for most bloggers. My husband was ont he computer one night and woke me up. He was excited. They accepted a story you wrote about ME," Bill said. I told him Goofy Willy was a stoy about an old dog I had before we met. Put their name in a story, and they'll be interested.

  6. I have no idea why, but I kind've like the purple hair! :-)

  7. Oh, Rita! I just loved this post! I wonder when I go out of the house just how many people and think I look funny! I think I'm quite ordinary...probably pretty boring to many.
    Have you seen the photos on the internet called "the People of Walmart"? Oh...If you haven't...Your in for a wild ride!!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, my friend!
    Warm wishes,


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