Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fragments 214

Welcome to another week of Friday Fragments. 

Our society is doomed. 
I spent a good part of my working life in big box stores. The last being the Wal-Mart in my town.  I have  co-workers and friends who have been transferred around the country who keep me informed about the craziness that goes on in this company.  One sent me this photo yesterday.  It was supposedly taken in a Wal-Mart store in Wiggins, Mississippi.  Not wanting to share something that could be a joke I called the Wal-mart in Wiggins and was assured by the lady answering the phone that this sign is real.  The lady I spoke with said this sign was not in her store because it was closing soon but was in the new store that just opened outside of town. She also told me that she had personally seen these signs in other Wal-marts in Mississippi and some of the states along the gulf coast. 
Are we really this illiterate in this country?  Maybe  the non-english reading people on the gulf coast have become a big enough demographic to warrant a helpful sign. Of the two choices, I sincerely hope the latter is correct.


The Old Salt and I each spent the biggest part of the last years of our working life working graveyard shifts.  As a result we tend to still be nocturnal, usually crawling into bed in the wee hours of the morning.  It is rare to find us out and about before noon.  Yesterday, we were not only up, dressed and out of the house, we had already been to breakfast and were on the hiking trail that circles Lion's lake when the sun began to rise.  The above shot was taken just before seven AM. 

For the last decade or so I have not been a big fan of celebrating my own birthday.  I am also starting to dislike celebrating the birthdays of other family members.  I am the oldest of thirteen children.  Last month we celebrated the fiftieth birthday of the eleventh child.  Tomorrow we will be attending the (Shh! It's a surprise) sixtieth birthday party of the fifth child and his wife who were both born a few weeks apart and met in high school.  Watching my siblings celebrate those milestone birthdays just brings home how old I really am and how much of what I expected to accomplish in my life has not and probably will not happen.  The phrase "Bucket List" was coined not that many years ago, but, it feels as if it has been with me (chronic list maker) forever. I am constantly being slapped upside the head by the length of it.  

Mom, last month, with her second
youngest great-grandchild
While on the subject of age, my 87 year old mother still bowls twice a week.  I went to pick her up at the bowling alley yesterday and was a bit early so I was hanging out watching the action.  I always figured she was the oldest woman on the senior leagues and discovered I was wrong.  I met another lady who told told me she will be ninety in January and she has already been the high scorer twice this season.   I so hope that longevity passes down my way.     

I recently received two very great honors from two of my blogging buddies.  The first was from Laura of Forest Walk Art  who gave me permission to post this photo of her and her husband on my "Braid Parade" slideshow. The other was from Beth of E. Lizard Breath Speaks who has agreed to share this lovely photo of her in this great hat on my "Hat Parade."  Thank you both.  They are great photos and I am proud to have them in my collection.  If any of you would like to be included in one of my "Parades" you will find my e-mail on the sidebar, just e-mail me a photo.  If you have missed my Parades, perhaps now is the time to take a peek.  When your finished there hop over to "Half Past Kissing Time" and check out what Mrs. 4444's and her friends have to share on this weeks Friday Fragments. 


  1. I don't even want to think about age...when I look at my sons and realize they are getting gray hair, and I can't do all the things I used to do...well, having birthdays is better than NOT having them, but it does really reinforce the aging part! Isn't Beth the cutest!

  2. Maravilha de post e adorei saber da idade e boa disposição de tua mãe. A minha, com a mesma idade, está numa cama!! beijos,chica

  3. your Mom is beautiful!!
    you got good genes lady

    beautiful sky shot

  4. We are not that illiterate we are that self-seeking that we IGNORE words by thinking WE are the exception to the rule and alas, we will probably ignore hand signals too.

  5. I don't know if society is that illiterate. I think technology has made things to easy with symbols, signs and apps. It's what we are getting used to. However, the sign in Walmart was ridiculous and insults the intelligence of people.

  6. I think it all began for those who couldn't read/understand/take time to read/ didn't speak the same language.... but on to better moments, I know and just love your blogger friend Laura and (her darling Milo, and hubby too) great photos you always post here as well, the slide show is quite wonderful....!

  7. This reminds me of the instruction on packages that say the item needs to be taken out of the plastic packaging before using.... I guess there are some folks who needs it spelled out for them.

  8. Hi there - thanks for the comments on my blogs - glad you enjoy the "wordy" ones - I take a bit if time over them as you may have noticed!

    Really like the Mockingbirds in the earlier post.

    The sign is a worry - but I work in educational research and get to look at basic educational results from all around the world, and some of the things you see are remarkable!

    Managed to cope with busy week - I was in Dubai - now all I have to cope with is jet lag, a wedding and a full inbox!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  9. 3 Cheers for that sign in Wal-Mart!!! I'm more of a "live and let live" type in the check-out lane, but Tom can't keep his mouth shut. One of these days, I fear someone will deck him! :)

    Funny, isn't it about everyone's differing internal time clocks? I'm happiest in the EARLY mornings and get to witness these amazing sunrises. On the other hand, I'm NO fun to be around after 9PM!

    PS ...Your mom looks amazing!!!

  10. First of all, your Mom is amazing! So is that lady about to turn 90....both still bowling! Wow! Secondly, yes, we are seeing the slow destruction of our country, but I think this sign is a slap in the face. I can't imagine ANYONE, even someone illiterate, not knowing what 15 is!!!! Or is this an indicator that people just don't CARE and are going through the line with 16+ items....maybe that's it. Love your beautiful sunrise photo!


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