Monday, September 10, 2012

Good bye summer

Our long drought has finally been broken by the many storms that came our way in the aftermath of hurricane Isaac.  We certainly needed all the rain, but,  it played havoc with my garden.  Between the natural changing of the seasons and all the wind and water, my once beautiful flower beds have a tattered and passed-their-prime look about them.  

I thought I would share some final shots of some yellow parts of 
my garden taken about a month ago before Isaac blew in.   

This is my way of recording all the summer loveliness
 that will not return until next year.  

The yarrow's blooms have scattered on the wind and will soon be replaced  by the rusty red blooms of the mums that are just now starting to bud out.  

 Goodbye my little yellow cheerfulness.  Until next year.  


  1. Those are some delightful yellow captures!

    Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday.

    Yellow in the Window
    Have a great week ahead.

  2. I take shots like this and add them to my garden journal so I can 'refresh' my memory for next season. Beautiful yellows...the color of smiles.

  3. The color yellow always makes me happy. But, when the yellow fades, winter sets in. Have a great week, Rita.

  4. Great yellow pieces :0) Things are looking a little battered here too. With the cooler days now though we have been able to work on our front patio again. It's really getting pretty now :0)

  5. I hate to see summer end. It has been beastly hot, but I really do love it. Your yellow is very cheery...we will have to look back on it when the days are short and dreary! BTW, I loved the shirt slideshow on your sidebar!

  6. This is why I like living in a place where things bloom all year. My allergies could sure use a seasonal break, but on a good note it rarely ever gets very hot or cold.

  7. You have some adorable whimsy in your garden, Rita! Cute shots. Yes, it makes you wonder where people got their wood sometimes for building fences....I think that's why stones and even ocotillo were often used in areas where wood is so scarce. Hope you have a good week.


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