Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hillerman Park and Lions Lake

It is no secret around this site that the Old Salt and I are normally nocturnal in our habits. But, several situations, last week, required our being up and out every day before sunrise. Since early to rise makes for early to bed we have not yet slid back into our normal late night schedule.  I'm sure that will happen gradually over the next few weeks but until then we have been making the most of these early morning hours by getting out with our cameras.   

I already posted several of the photos I took during last week's spell of being up before the sunrise.  You will find them here, here and hereForgive me if I have worn you out with my ramblings about our recent early morning adventures, but I have to share one more.  Today I want to share a few more of the shots taken during our recent hike around Lions Lake with some of the history of the area. 

Sunrise over Lions Lake 

Lions Lake is a ten acre lake constructed in 1955 and sits  in the middle of the ninety-five acre Hillermann's Park.  The lake was named for the Lions Club of Washington, Missouri who raised the funds to construct the lake and continue to support improvements to it.  

A walking trail circles the lake and this photo shows the entrance from the parking areas.  The Gazebo seen in this shot is a popular spot for wedding and graduation photos.    

The entrance to the walking trail starts and ends with this arched footbridge.  The bridge crossed the overflow lagoon near the small  parking area.

The four end posts of the bridge are decorated with these cute little gold frogs. 

I took this shot from the path a short distance from the footbridge. I love how the clouds are reflected in the water.  It also gives you some idea of the size of this lake.    

The expanse of green behind the building in the photo above is used every year to set up the carnival rides during the Town and Country Fair.  This building was constructed last   spring and used for the first time at this year's fair.  The fair is held annually during the first week of August.  This building and the concrete stage behind it (seen in the smaller shot) now provide a permanent stage and stormproof venue for the many outdoor concerts held in the park each summer and the celebrity entertainers who perform during fair week.  

This shot was taken near the dam.  I liked the colors in the rocks and how the clouds are reflected in the water.   

You never know what you will see while walking the   trail. I have taken photos of kids flying kites to feeding the ducks. Celebrations in one of the many pavilions to volleyball games played on the special beach style court. This trip it was a lost pair of sunglasses someone hung on a chain of one of the swings that circle the lake in the hope the owner would find them. 
There is no shortage of water fowl around the lake regardless of the season.  These ducks and geese seem to have found a permanent home here. The flocks of migrating birds will soon begin to take rest stops here bringing crowds out to watch their V-formation's in flight and their antic's in the water.   I have even photographed this lake in the dead of winter when a small area around the fountain was the only unfrozen place for the flocks of birds to feed and swim, the ice was covered with hundred's of sleeping birds. I have often wondered if the birds wake up to change feet or if they do it in their sleep.   

This shot was taken from the dam looking across the lake to the cattle shed on the main fairground area of the park.   

I will close with these lovely flowers that were growing at the waters edge.  

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  1. That's a beautiful park to have close to home! I bet it will be even more colorful than it already is in a few weeks when autumn colors set in.

  2. What a gorgeous park - so close to you too. Love the ducks. And the first photo - the pink in the water looked like fireflies - so pretty.

  3. Man-made it may be, but the lake and its surroundings look so lovely and peaceful...nice pix....thanx for sharing these, espec. the sunrise

  4. The first and last shots are absolutely stunning! But every one is very beautiful! What a lovely place!

  5. Beautiful place and your shots are stunning!

    Visiting from Water World Wednesday


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