Friday, September 07, 2012

This, That and the Other for Friday Fragments

Welcome everyone to this week's edition of the Friday Fragments.  I have to admit I've been keeping a note pad handy to jot down the things I wanted to post about.  I occasionally have that "some-timer's" problem lately. You know the one I mean, the one where some times I remember and some times I don't.  I sat here tonight lining out most of the items on my list because I could not think of an anonymous way of telling my story. Regrettably, this is a slippery slope that I have to traverse because most of the people I see most days are either friends or family and I don't want to cause them any embarrassment or hurt feelings.  I have friends and townfolk lurking among my readers who might figure out who I was writing about and spread the news.  This is not a big city after all and I have a huge family that are connected in lots of unbelievable places.  So, I am skipping to plan "B" for today's post. How do you handle posting about family and friends without asking permission first?  

Yesterday, the Old Salt had a doctor's appointment. While we were waiting, in no more than ten minutes, the sky turned black as midnight and the trees started blowing back and forth. I went to the parking lot to move our car closer to the entrance in case the rain came before we left.  While outside I took this photo of the darkening sky.  By the time I had moved the car I had raindrops falling on my windshield.  When I got back to the doctor's waiting room on the second floor of a large medical building I found the staff going around asking everyone to move away from the windows and announcing where we should go if the storm sirens went off.  When we left it was raining harder than I can recall in ages.  Needless to say, we got very wet and cold running to our car in spite of my moving it closer.  Given how long our drought has been I couldn't complain about the weather but I did dig out a pair of heavy fleece pajamas to change into when I got home and started the teakettle. 

I have to ask what is it with this word "misspoke" I keep hearing of late.  It seems to be popping up all over the place.  I even overheard a teenage girl in wal-mart trying to explain something to her mother and when her mother stated she would not be lied too the girl said " I did not lie I just misspoke."  Far as I am concerned you can call it anything you want to but this mother knows a lie when I hear one.  Misspoke my foot. 

The other day I pulled up to a stoplight and found 
this waiting in front of me. I had to question where
 it had been? Or is it going somewhere? 
Still do not know the answer.  

 I was driving by the high school recently and saw the marching band practicing on the ball field.   The school does not allow visitors on the field during practice.  I pulled over and managed to get this shot from the road.  Not the best photography but the Sousaphone player in the tie-dyed shirt on the left is my grandson.  

Several weeks ago we had to make a trip into St. Louis.  On our return trip we took the scenic route through the backroads. We passed a farm with half a dozen handcrafted wooden items displayed in the yard with "For Sale" signs on them.  One was this wagon and I instantly fell in love with it.  I could just see it in my yard with a large planter in the spring and summer and loaded with pumpkins in the fall.  I won't even get into Christmas.  It took me a while to catch someone at the phone number on the sign,  Now I'm wishing I had not called.  The wagon sells for twelve hundred dollars.  Needless to say, it will never find a home at my house. 

Over the last few weeks we have been helping some very dear friends move from their country place into a house in town.  We also stepped in to wait for the phone and cable installers so they would not have to miss any work.  During one waiting session the Old Salt went exploring around the property they were leaving to make sure no valuable items got overlooked in the barns and sheds.  During that excursion he took this photo of the cattle pond near the barn. As you can see, only pond scum was left.  I do hope the recent rains will have added some more water in this pond before the new owners move in.   

This will be all for this week.  Hope to see you all back here again next week.

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  1. Vim deixar um beijo!ótimo dia!chica

  2. The smilie face junker is very cool. Great picture.

  3. I never ask my friends and loved ones for permission to blog about them - - - sometimes I even use their first names. HOWEVER, I only blog positive or humorous things of which I think they should be proud.

  4. Happy Friday, I enjoyed the visit.

  5. Hmmm, most likes seem to be on purpose, not because someone misspoke. I wish I could have gotten a peek at the fragments that didn't make it on the blog.

  6. This was a wonderful collage of thoughts and pictures, events and ideas. I too would have been extremely disappointed in the price of the car! Before I left the Suffolk Seaboard Museum I engaged a woodworker who made wooden children's toys to design and make a train locomotive "rocking horse." I had hoped he could sell them at our Craft Show on the grounds, and also have his card available for visitors when they came in, to make orders. Seeing the amount of work involved, plus the costs of the wood, etc. I can understand that jalopy's high price tag! And in this economy, most people can't afford something so amazing and fun for their yards, when necessities are more the yard art post I did with the entire train in it, and the wagons etc. also makes that even the more amazing, when you realize!

    Glad to hear you have been to Williams after seeing the Canyon. It is a very touristy stop, though! :-) We were there strictly because of the availability of hotels close to where you caught the train. I'm not usually "in" to such blatant tourism. Being on Rt. 66 though does have it's good side.

    Have a great week. Glad you had a storm! The photo of the pond that your hubby took, by the way was very nice, but I hope it is more filled now. :-)

  7. That's a beautiful wagon; my HayJ would look grand pulling it. As to blogging about family and friends...I do it whenever I want but I don't tell anyone's secrets. The only secrets I tell are mine; those are the only ones I have to tell.

  8. I tend to use my blog as a way of getting away from all the crappy problems (except sometimes our health when it affects blogging time)--. And besides nothing but sunshine and roses ever happen to anyone in my family (ha ha ha ha )... and if you believe that ....! People who can write well about personal problems and triumphs are much more interesting bloggers than I am -- and that includes you my friend! (But I wouldn't write about family members, even good stuff, without their permission.)

  9. That truly is a slippery I decided not to traverse... I do tell stories occasionally, but only good ones, or ones that won't hurt anyone. I really enjoyed your fragments this week. I would have loved that wagon too...the price tag sounds a little high, even counting craftsmanship, etc.!

  10. Oooh, I can SO empathize with your dilemma!
    I don't MEAN to, but have sometimes shared more than is prudent ... hopefully, none of my extended family members or co-workers even realize I keep a blog! Like Sallie mentioned above, I'm sometimes concerned that my blog isn't always full of sunshine and roses. Perhaps a second (PRIVATE) blog is in store, where I might rant n' rage and tell secrets - ha!

    Moving along, I gotta give props to Frank! I had to look -- then look again for a sweet long minute of his capture of the pond!

  11. Lots of great stuff in this post. Of it all, I LOVE the wrecked car with a face on the rear looking back at you.
    To answer your question... I rarely post anything about my wife and/or children. If I do, it's not very deep and is pretty vanilla. My family of origin though, is another story altogether. I'll say anything about them and probably have. We were the most dysfunctional family I've ever seen.


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