Thursday, September 27, 2012

PeeWee Football

The Old Salt started playing football in the sixth grade and played every year through high school.  He even played on a team after high school that played a circuit that included playing prison teams in Oklahoma.  If the stories I hear are true he was a over achiever who managed to make the team every year in spite of being the smallest lineman in his conference.  

Needless to say he still likes football.  I have a nephew who has been playing since he was on the pee wee leagues and is now on his high school team.  The Old Salt has been keeping tabs on my nephew ever since we married and we occasionally go watch him play.   

Recently, we were passing the junior high school and noticed one of the pee wee teams, called the Gator's practicing on the field.  The team's green uniforms brought the Green Day meme to mind.  So we stopped to get a few shots and ended up staying for most of the practice session.   

This stop turned out to be my lucky night for things green.  

While there I noticed new team jerseys, waiting to be passed out, in the back of a truck belonging to one of the team's coaches.   
I loved the personalized license plate.  

I also spotted this green mini cooper belonging to one of the parents in the parking lot.  

I even captured a green cell phone   belonging to one of the Dads.

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  1. You did get lots of green! Those little guys look so intent on their practice...I love watching them! I occasionally get to see my nephew play baseball when I visit, and it is great fun!

  2. You were lucky capturing all the green. The little guys like to play their football. I love the cute green Mini Cooper. Great shots, thanks for sharing. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Tem muito verdes hoje aqui!Lindas fotos! beijos ,belo weekend!chica

  4. You caputered all the green today! Nice photos!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. O verde do campo, do time de futebol, do carro. Quanto verde lindo.
    Belas fotos. Parabéns!

  6. O verde do gramado para quem gosta de jogo é paixão! Sua foto ficou bonita! Abraços!

  7. You captured a lot of green on your drive. I like that tiny me license on the Cooper. It's fun to get out and watch football on beautiful autumn days.

  8. Very clever selection of photos!

  9. Wow, you hit the jackpot! I think about things I could photograph for Green Day but there isn't a lot....maybe I need to look harder! :-)


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