Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy Tuesday

I just discovered a new (to me) meme hosted by Renae of "Simple Sequins" and her sister Mary of "merrydotdandy."  The meme is called Easy Tuesday and premiss is simple.  To do a easy post each Tuesday.  This week I am featuring items that spell out the word E-A-S-Y.  

         E is for energy, A is for Animal, S is for sassy and Y is for yummy!

                                  E N E R G Y

What has more energy then a group of children at play.  This shot was taken at our family gathering on New Year's Day 2012.  It features a few of the children in my family enjoying the sunny and moderately warm (for us) winter day. 

A N I M A L 

 I captured this adorable boxer sharing his human's fun yellow convertible, on one of the first days of school.  I was waiting in the carpool lane to pick up my sister's exchange student.                           

                                 S A S S Y

My dictionary tells me that something sassy is lively, bold and full of spirit.  I think this adorable little cow I found decorating a yard here in town is all that. She certainly invited me in to share her bench.        

Y U M M Y  

Home-baked version of the original St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake
Like many a delicacy -- fudge, brownies and chocolate chip cookies among them --the gooey butter cake was created by accident. Sometime in the 1930s, legend has it, a German baker in St. Louis inadvertently put too much sugar into his cake batter, and was too thrifty to waste it, so he baked it anyway.
The glutinous result was a hit and today there's hardly a bakery in St. Louis or the surrounding region that doesn't offer a version of this happy accident. 

Learn more about this scrumptious only-in-St. Louis treat and to get the recipe for the home-baked version click here.  

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  1. Great post! You captured the essence of the hop and it is great. Thank you for your participation!

  2. Ya - thank you for joining me. I also copied your "over 50 & bloggin'" sign. thank you for that, too!

  3. Great photos and thanks for the reminder on the cake... was trying to think a desert for tonight that we haven't had in a long time and this fits the bill!!!

  4. I like the premise, but it's not that EASY! Great photos for the meme.

  5. OK -- to me that didn't really look like an EASY post to put together. But it sure was fun to read. (Only now I am starving and "too much sugar" is def. out of all possibilities around here). But it's a gorgeous cake. Drool.

  6. Great post today - and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Gooey Butter Cake! I had some we bought at the Soulard Market last year...wonderful!

  7. That is great! I love the way you joined in on our easy tuesday...it is so easy. I hope some more will come to our party in the future. Now about that cake...never had any. I may have to bake one. I love the funny cow, cute dog and happy children. Haahhaha so much cute.

  8. Nice post, I love the dog, it`s so sweet! (and the car...)

  9. These are all fun. That boxer sure is adorable.

  10. Great post, Rita! Light and fun! You are so clever!


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