Friday, September 07, 2012

Pink Pigs can fly

I hate that needling feeling you get when you think you have done something before. I got that feeling this week when I photographed a pink pig flying from the roofline of a neighborhood porch. Something tells me I have used  this little piggy before.  A search through my archived labels didn't produce a link, so I am going to share this photo today.  Forgive me if you have seen this little piggy before.    

  This shot proves pigs can fly.  This little porker actually has wings. I remember capturing this flying piggy, at the annual arts and craft fair held each fall, a few years ago. I fear he got lost in the jumbled filing system on my old external hard drive. I spotted him yesterday while looking for something else.  I have a new and much improved filing system now and hope to make time for integrating all my old shots into it. Perhaps, one snowy day this winter?

I passed this basket a dozen times over the course of this summer.  It sits on a very busy road with no shoulder so the other day I got bold and just pulled right into the drive way.  I hoped out and snapped a few shots and was on my way before anyone knew I was there.  It has looked just like this since late May.  I just wish the owners had planted something with more height that grew more and spilled over the edge of the basket.   I think it is a little wimpy looking, but, it is still a pretty pink basket of posies. The Old Salt thinks it is just right. But then what does an old sailor know about flower arrangements? 

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  1. Great pink and the pigs have such a sense of humor about them!

  2. That is so creative hehehe. Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    PINK reminders is my entry.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh I love that first hot pink porker!! Great pics for Pink Sat.

  4. I'll get my pictures organized one of these days too -- when pigs fly probably (all the rest of them)!

    I remember seeing those concrete basket planters when we were in your part of the country; never seen them out here or in FL or anywhere else.

  5. As crianças devem adorar esses porcos voadores,rs Lindo! beijos,tudo de bom,chica

  6. Those are cute pigs...and I love that flower basket! I can just see that one in my yard!

  7. Pretty pinks - love that flying pig!

  8. Oh my pinkness! Who doesn't enjoy a cute flying pig! Especially such a cute shade of pink! Great stuff!

  9. Your piggies are precious, and delightful puzzles, as well. I love looking to see if I can identify all the components of such sculpture.


    PS---I SO enjoyed looking at all your Beard Parade---DH has quite a lovely Santa one, and is such a sweet Grandpa type, he has no hang-ups about wearing a red hat all through December.

  10. Glad you shared as I have never seen this before. You just never know what you will see. That is why I keep my little digital with me at all times.

  11. Love that first piggy! What a fun way to recycle!!

  12. I love pink pigs
    and when they can fly it's magic

  13. Rita,

    Sorry for giving you a midnight Cake Crave!! I'd love you to have some of these---Friday night we had an absolute FLOOD downstairs, with wet carpet, shop-vacs and fans running constantly, so we had to postpone our tea party.

    We still picked up the cakes, and DH and I just had one each for supper dessert after a tomato sandwich.


  14. Nice photos! I love whimsical pieces of folk-art!


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