Monday, September 24, 2012

Eureka Springs Mural

 First 100 Years of Eureka Springs

This historic mural (12 feet high by 55 feet wide) dramatizes the early days of Eureka Springs, Arkansas; from the Indians who first camped there and discovered the curative properties of the many springs to the tourism of the early 20th Century. This painting was done by members of the Eureka Springs Guild of Artist and Crafts-people.  It was designed and supervised by well known artist and muralist Louis Freund, a longtime resident of the area.

The above information was taken from the "Arkansas Ties" website where most of the history of this mural can be found. It not only gives enlarged photos of each section of the mural but explains each event depicted. Click here to visit the Arkansas Ties website. 

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  1. That is a very nice one,a beautiful way to show the history.

  2. This mural has a lot to tell about the past. I'm old bus driver so I was interested in the different modes of transportation shown in the mural.

  3. Very nice mural - I love the ones that show the history of a region. There is enough there to keep you busy looking for a long time!

  4. a mural put to good use.. telling the history of a place instead of just 'stuff'.

  5. It is difficult to come up with a cohesive design when there are that many artists conveying that much information. Looks like they did a great job.

  6. I like this type of historic mural. Good one.

  7. I enjoyed reading your link (and then forgot to come back and comment...)
    these historical murals are nice but it does help to have an explanation available.

  8. It's a wonderful well done and depicting the history of the area. Very impressive!


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