Monday, September 24, 2012

E. A. S. Y. Tuesday

I am once again participating in Easy Tuesday hosted by Renae of "Simple Sequins" and her sister Mary of "merrydotdandy." This week I am featuring items that spell out the word E-A-S-Y.  

         E is for entrance, A is for Anchor, S is for steps and Y is for yaird!


I was on the hunt all week for photos that would spell out the word EASY.  I happened on this entrance to the D Bar S Ranch while the Old Salt and I were out and about this week in search of new photo opts.  I somehow think of ranches being located in places like Texas, so in my book this was just another Missouri cattle farm. But, perhaps being able to call yourself a rancher is somehow more classy than just being a farmer.  Then again, I guess a ranch is just a farm that grows cattle.  

                               A N C H O R

I remembered this old ship's anchor thats been resting in front of a building on Front street for decades. The seating area faces the river and is a great place to relax while taking a stroll around the downtown shops.  This building is currently home to a Restaurant and Pub called Marquarts Landing.    


Please, try to not step on the shadows as you climb these stairs.  

I saw this stairway at Roaring River State Park in Cassville, Missouri.  The stairs climb a steep hill leading to the hiking trail which takes you to the observation platform overlooking a trout hatchery.  


Yaird is a noun that means garden. Okay, so I'm showing off.  Let's just go for  simple and say yard.  This is my favorite yard in town.  I photographed this  house more times than I can count. The yard changes with the four seasons and each is spectacular.  This year's drought caused the summer version to be less colorful than usual so I have shared the spring version.  Whether you call it a yaird, a garden or just a yard, this one is always a delight to the eye.

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  1. Yay....You are the first....and here you are another week... Hooray for you. Thank you for joining us again. I LOVE that anchor..the Yaird is beautiful...Stairs are lovely... I would really like to see that ranch. I can imagine from the gate that the ranch is first rate. 1st Rate - Gate Haaahah.

  2. Love these photos...aren't you the fancy one with your 'yaird'; I had to smile at that. Very pretty one too!

  3. Rita - golly that is a fun post you have here! Thank you for participating in EASY Tuesday two weeks in a row! (( big hug ))

    I love that YAIRD too and I love that spelling of it, also. hahahaha. Those stairs are cool and a wee bit ominous. I'm loving a ton of all of your photographs.

  4. Wow that's a difficult post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Youa re very good at doing this. Making nice post with your words and pictures! From OWT
    my entry: one blessed morning:

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  7. Hey Rita, I'm having tech difficulties emailing you. Will you please email me so I can reach you via your email? ya?

  8. I love the anchor
    giant rusty work of art!

  9. Really amazing the things you can come up with!


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