Friday, September 21, 2012

Fencing in the New Fence

My sister moved into a house in the horse friendly community of Wildwood, Missouri a while back. They chose the location because it backed onto a state park with lots of riding trails for their horses.

Apparently, the lady across the street was unhappy about having a couple of dogs and several horses as neighbors because she had a barbed wire fence installed to protect her new wooden split-rail fence from the animals.  

My sister expected this to be a temporary measure until the lady realized the animals would not be trespassing on her property.  But, it is now two years later and the double fences are still standing.  

How many people do you know who would fence in a fence?

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  1. guess some folks feel the need to have lots of fence between them & every one else. that is too funny!! but it is so great for you & FF too. ha. ha!! (:

  2. Two fences does seem to be excessive, but if it makes her happy!!

  3. What some people will do. I do think this is bit of overkill if you ask me. You need to add my husband's scruffy beard to the slide show....his is a mess...but then he is a hiker and a runner...and he always wears a baseball cap. I have to remind him to take it off in restaurants. Loved your slide shows. genie

  4. Cheeze! That neighbor lives in the wrong neighborhood. Silly woman.

  5. Some people! That's just ridiculous!

  6. She must of thought the horses would chew on her wood fence! It does look a little dumb!

  7. The barbed wire one takes away from the other one.
    I guess she could afford it.
    I hadn't noticed your braid video before - some of those are neat.

  8. Methinks someone (fence-lady) has TOO much time (and probably $) and needs to get a life! Wouldn't it be funny if she were to see this and realize how ridiculous she seems?


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